Jewelry has long been believed to have the potential to exchange or convey information. It is the carrier of time and culture, through which one can capture the characteristics of an epoch, featuring “apperceive great things through petty ones”.

Contemporary jewelry focuses on research and the exploration of its intrinsic value, thus it has already got rid of the significant symbols denoting wealth, luxury, durability and privilege. Instead, it concentrates on the studies related to its material, form, value, color, body and so on.

In such an uncertain era, humans need more humane care and spiritual solace. Contemporary jewelry does not just work as an ornament but more like an enjoyment or nourishment on the spiritual level, elevating the quality of human life once again. Contemporary jewelry is no longer the “substance” but the spiritual carrier.

As the best-known academy of fine arts in China, the Central Academy of Fine Arts has gathered masters and the talented since its foundation. Masters of great learning and integrity with no equal have personally been devoted to the cultivation of numerous outstanding artists. It becomes a fine tradition passed from generation to generation. Ten years ago, the specialized subject of jewelry started from a tiny topic bred to grow up in the School of Design, CAFA. For the past decade, the professional teaching of Jewelry Art and Design has always advocated its notion that jewelry is a spiritual carrier, the bridge and media of interpersonal communications. Jewelry teaching at CAFA emphasized the exploration of design originality in the relationship between jewelry and people, concerning the interdisciplinary integration and penetration, interaction among various regions and cultures while pushing forward its constant enrichment and accumulation.

2012 is the tenth anniversary of the establishment of the specialty in Jewelry at CAFA. Titled “10 Years—Re: Jewelry”, this exhibition of contemporary jewelry intends to summarize its development and introduce jewelry art and design in Europe and the United States to our fellow countryman in a more systematic way.

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