“15 Days: A Collaborative Work” is a new attempt where the artists mutually interact and create one common work. This is the first time for the White Box Museum of Art to explore the possibility to create a work in an exhibition space. In this way, they aim aim to reduce the distance between artists and curators, trying to find a spontaneous way for the realization of new work. At the same time, the intention of White Box Museum of Art is to favor an exchange between the individual thought of each artists. The concept of “Collaboration” is based on the experimental practice to create a work where artists use a common space all together. The topic of the work is related to three ideas: interaction, confrontation and hardness of this innovative practice.

15 artists were invited to collaborate together on creating a work 15 sq. Meters big in this project. In 15 days, every artist will have 24 hours and a 1 sq. meter of space to realize their own idea. The final result will be a mosaic that shows the personal style of the artist and the influence of this collaboration on the artists’ practice.

The realization on site will be hosted in the White Box Museum of Art that in addition to the space will offer a cage lifter, 2 working platforms, various artists’ tools like propylene, brushes, colors and slices, an air brush compressor (including all the accessories), a video projector, a 15 sq. meters canvas, a professional Camera and a video-camera. Other tools will be supplied by the artists themselves so they can realize their own concept.

A random draw will be used to create an order for the artists and their own canvas position. Every artist will take care only of their square meter. They will decide the style and the topic of their installation. Every artist will be completely free to work on their own realization, and can decide to link their work with the neighboring artists or to realize a work with a different topic. They will not be limited to their usual style so they can explore new ways of expressions. Autonomy is the first rule of this project. At the end of the exhibition, 15 different works will create one main work. A Video and a catalogue will show the final result. CURATOR: Dai Zhouqun

ARTISTS: Feng Lianghong, Shi Xinning, Liang Shuo,Fu Hong, Liang Yuanwei, Kang Jing, Xu Xiaoguo, Wang Gaungle, Shi Jing, Song Jianshu &Fang Shang, ZhaoZhao, Zhang Xiaotao, Gong Jian, Wu Xiaochuan ,Huang Yuxing,

PRESENTED BY: Sun Yongzeng



PUBLIC RELATIONS: Wu Wei, Sara Bortoletto (Italy)


OPENING: Saturday, November 12, 2011, 3 p.m.

DATES: October 28, 2011-November 18, 2011

MUSEUM OPENING HOURS: 10:00-18:00, Tuesday-Sunday

VENUE: WHITE BOX MUSEUM OF ART, 798 Art Dist, NO2 Jiu Xianqiao Road, Chaoyang Dist., Beijing, China

For more information, please visit www.798whitebox.com

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