2012 Graduation Exhibition of Masters of Arts from Central Academy of Fine Arts

Since its founding, CAFA has built an extensive collection of the outstanding work by its alumni. To this day, the collection has become an integral part of the history of fine arts education in China. Many of our alumni have emerged as leaders and representatives of the development of Chinese art. In this sense, the CAFA alumni have a crucial place in Chinese art history: it is the unique art treasure that foresees future evolution.

In recent years, CAFA has embarked on many experiments in order to transform the academy and its teaching. The efforts have broadened our artistic boundaries, our students’ vision and their artistic thinking with significant success. In 2008, CAFA founded a new contemporary art museum, which has allowed our alumni’s outstanding works to expand. As the organization of the CAFA Art Museum becomes more refined, the graduation exhibition of the Central Academy of Fine Arts can be taken as the summarization of postgraduates’ study at the campus as well as the starting point of their new journey, which continually reveals the uniqueness of our era and CAFA’s accomplishments in education.

About the Exhibition

Duration: April 28th—May 13th

Venue: CAFA Art Museum

Opening Ceremony: 3:00pm, April 28th, 2012

Address: No.8 Hua Jia Di Nan St., Chao Yang District, Beijing, 100102 P. R. China

Tel: 8610-64771575

Fax: 8610-64771699


April 28th—May 4th: School of Chinese Painting, Department of Oil Painting, Department of Printmaking, Department of Mural Painting, Foundation Program, Department of Experimental Art, Research Institute of Plastic Arts;

May 7th—May 13th: School of Design, School of City Design, School of Architecture, Department of Sculpture.


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