“2013 Annual Exhibition of Creative Achievements by the Students of the Department of Sculpture, CAFA” and award ceremony of “Dayun Sculpture Creation Award” were held in the Department of Sculpture, CAFA on December 4, 2013. The exhibition is on display on the 4th floor new exhibition hall in the Department of Sculpture which continues for a month. As the first annual exhibition of creative achievements by the students of the Department of Sculpture, it is coordinated by the teachers and students of the Department of Sculpture. Main planner Prof. Yu Fan together with professional teachers of the Department of Sculpture selected 44 pieces/ sets of works from the self-referral works submitted by the students, to showcase in the exhibition, covering undergraduate and graduate students from all studios of the Department of Sculpture, viewing the works as a whole, they basically showcase individual creative looks of the students of the Department of Sculpture, which are rich in creative form and language.

Meanwhile, supported by Beijing Dayuntang Cultural Communication Co., Ltd., the assessment of “Dayun Sculpture Creation Award” was carried out at 10:00 am at the conference room of the Department of Sculpture on the same day. A total of 14 critics and professional teachers with various research directions including critics Feng Boyi, Liu Libin and Cui Cancan, Lv Pinchang, Director of Department of Sculpture, Sui Jianguo, Deputy Dean of the School of Plastic, CAFA, as well as tutors from all studios including Zhan Wang, Jiang Jie, Sun Wei, etc., came together to discuss the works in a variety of forms, they strived to make a fair selection of candidate works from the most comprehensive perspective, to choose five special prizes and 25 finalist prizes.

Chairman of the judges Lv Pinchang said in the interview, it was the largest exhibition of the Department of Sculpture, he hoped it would promote academic thinking, construction of an academic atmosphere, to stimulate the consciousness, initiative and enthusiasm in the creation and learning of all the students of the Department of Sculpture. It invited community active critics, as well as purely financially supported by Beijing Dayuntang Cultural Communication Co., Ltd., in order to allow students more contact with society.

In the selection criteria, Lv Pinchang thought the best works offered a combination of technique and creativity. Feng Boyi had two standards to judge, firstly the ability to use modelling, material and sculptural language, secondly, to consider students’ creativity, experimental ideas, finished works, ideas and relationships with contemporary society. Liu Libin focused on the whole quality of student’s works.

In the opening ceremony at 15:00 on December 4, 2013, the moderator and Yu Fan announced the list of winners. Cai Wanlin, Chairman of Beijing Dayuntang Cultural Communication Co., Ltd., Prof. Zhan Wang, Cui Cancan etc., issued the certificates to winners.

Tong Kun’s “Hit a Chicken” won the Best Works Prize, and was rewarded 10,000 RMB. The use of cheap and everyday materials, by means of a boring way, he put them together into humor works which seem “vulgar” (said by Cui Cancan). Peng Yun’s “Space” won the Best Creative Prize, Sun Shang’s “Chubby/ Xiaopang” won the Best Production Prize, Yang Ming’s “Clouds Mountains” won the Best Applying Material Prize, and Li Chengjun’s “Burial in the Sky” won the Best Skill Heritage Prize, respectively rewarded 8,000 RMB.

There are 25 pieces/sets of works by 24 students wining the Finalist Outstanding Works Prizes and respectively awarded 2000 RMB including: Wang Zhen, Yang Mushi, Tianye Dongxue, Liu Shaodong, Jin Lu, Dong Lin, Xia Lijia, Yu Tao, Ding Hao, Qiu Yue, Lv Xiangbo, Wang Chuan, Zhang Huaitian, Liu Shuyan, Zhou Jian, Wang Xudong, Sun Yuqin, Shen Zhicheng, Wang Tunan, Zhu Zhongyu, Wang Jicun, Tan Yingjie, Wei Xiaohao, Chen Jing.

After the end of the awarding ceremony, as the representative of the judges, Cui Cancan gave a speech, he believed that there was no boundary in art, as an art student entered the field of art, he/she would encounter many issues, but it was unnecessary to be afraid, because the best works reflected that you had enjoyed the good time. Yu Fan made a summary and mobilization, annual exhibition of creative achievements by the students of Department of Sculpture, CAFA, which would be held on December 9 every year, while it was advanced to coordinate the forum for deans from international colleges of the year, which was an opportunity for the principals to visit students’ works. He hoped this annual competition exhibition would be be given full attention by the Department of Sculpture, Academy and even society. Creation was a status, he urged students to keep a curious, exploring mind and creativity.

Journalist: Ye Yuanfeng, Photo: Hu Zhiheng/CAFA ART INFO.

Translated by Chen Peihua and edited by Sue/CAFA ART INFO.

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