2013 Exhibition for Nominated Students from Art Academy

2013 Caissa Rising Artists: 2013 Exhibition for Nominated Students from Art Academy (in short: Nomination Exhibition 2013 or Nomination Exhibition).

Organizer: Today Art Museum. The Organizing Committee of Today Art Museum’s Annual Nomination Exhibition for Students of Art Academies (in short: Organizing Committee of Nomination Exhibition or Organizing Committee) is responsible for implementing.

Review: The Review Committee of Today Art Museum’s Annual Nomination Exhibition for Students of Art Academies (in short: Review Committee of Nomination Exhibition or Review Committee).

Producer of the Exhibition: Xie Suzhen, Chen Xiaobing

Artistic Director: Xu Lei

Academic Chair: He Guiyan Exhibition

Director: Gao Peng

Review Committee (in alphabetical order): Hang Chunxiao, He Guiyan, Qu Guangci, Su Xinping, Shao Fan, Sun Zhenhu, Wang Xiaoshuai, Wang Chunchen, Kawaguchi Azuma, Xu Bing, Xu Weixin, Xu Lei, Xie Suzhen, Yang Fudong, Zhou Jingxin

Selection of Works & Awards for Artists

1.  Selection Method:

(1) Primary Selection: Reviewers nominate the artists into selection by the works they uploaded on the internet for application. Review Committee determines the selected works according to the voting ranking of the works.

(2) Reexamine: After works of primary selection being sent to the Organizing-Committee-named place, Review Committee determines the works selected for the exhibition by reexamination.

(3) Awarding: After the exhibition opens, Reviewers nominate awards to works by open voting. Review Committee determines the works winning Special Award, Gold Awards, Silver Awards, Bronze Awards and Excellence Awards by comprehensive consideration of votes and scores; the Artists Named Awards are selected by the naming artists; Best Curatorial Team Award is determined by votes from both Review Committee and Organizing Committee; Best Popularity Awards of Exhibition and Internet are won by the most popular artists in exhibition and on official site respectively.

(4) “Popularity of Works” on official site is not taken into account in the selecting of Review Committee.

2.  Rewarding Means:

(1) Exhibition Entry certificate and an album are issued for every work selected for the exhibition.

(2) Award-winning works are issued award certificates and bonus or prizes.

(3) Excellent artists win opportunities to be reported by professional media and to sign contracts with excellent art institutions.

(4) Awards Setting:

Awards                                               Quota                        Bonus & Prizes(In RMB, tax included)

Special Award                                  * 1                              100000.00,one award certificate

Gold Award                                      * 3                              20000.00,one award certificate

Silver Award                                    * 6                              Maldives Travel Card(valued at 13000.00),one award certificate

Bronze Award                                  * 12                           South Korea and Japan Cruiseline Travel Card(valued at 6999.00),one award certificate

Best Curatorial Team Award    1 team                      10000.00,one award certificate

Artists Named Award                    4                                Memorial gift, one award certificate

Excellence Award                         several                      Memorial gift, one award certificate

Best Popularity Award              1 for each                  magazine “Oriental Art” (sent randomly)

(Exhibition and Internet)

Note: Special Award, Gold Awards, Silver Awards, Bronze Awards, Excellence Awards, Artist Named Award and Best Popularity Awards of Exhibition and Internet can be won all at the same time; works of Special Award, Gold Awards, Silver Awards, Bronze Awards are collected by the Organizing Committee. We collect the selected works completely, including the work itself and its back board, the frame and other mounting objects; after being collected, the works are not allowed to be changed or lent, if a copy is needed, please do it before sending us the complete works.

Requirements for the Works Selected Into Exhibition

1.   The Content: according to two themes (Heartbeat, Arrival) based on the name “Travel and Art” of the exhibition, depending on your own artistic views and methods to interpret relevant expression. The media include but are not limited to      Chinese painting, oil painting, prints, sculpture, calligraphy, installation, mixed materials, photo and video.

2.  Work Specification: In principle, graphic work not exceeding 200cm×200cm in size, 3-dimensional work not exceeding 300cm (h) ×200cm×200cm in size, and video work not exceeding 6min in length.

3.  Intellectual Property:

(1) Participating artists must have full ownership of the works, and sending sold or donated works to apply is not accepted.

(2) The copyrights of all works on this exhibition belong to the artists. Artists should authorize the works to the Organizing Committee to produce various propaganda items, albums and news propaganda.

(3) All the pictorial and textual materials provided to the Organizing Committee by the artists do not commit infringement to the intellectual property rights of any third party. Artists take full responsibility for all losses caused by the infringement and bear the compensation.

(4) The Organizing Committee guarantees the integrity of the award-winning works collected by the Organizing Committee; the authorship and publishing rights of the works remain belonging to the artists, and other rights are taken by the Organizing Committee.

Application Methods and Requirements

1. Participation Qualifications: In principle, full time fine art major junior college students, undergraduates, postgraduates for a master or doctor’s degree, and graduates who have left the fine art academies within 3 years (including 3 years) can log in the application system on the official site to apply. Related restrictions can loosen properly if the applicant has a relatively high artistic achievement.

2.  Application Time Period: From 0:00 of April 5 to 23:59 of June 20, 2013

3.  Application Methods: Please log into the application system on official website(n2013.artnow.com.cn) within the Application Time Period to apply. It is deemed as invalid application and not granted entry into judgment if not within the Application Time Period or not through the application system on the official site. Be careful when filling each blank of your personal information when you log in to the application system to apply. The information you filled must be real and valid. If it is found out that the info is not true, the qualification will be canceled. If your contact information changes, please update your application materials on the website in time.

4.  Publicity of Works: Show space for 3 works of each theme for every applicant is provided on the official site of the Organizing Committee. In each space, the picture format uploaded should be jpg, the color mode RGB, and no “symbol” in the file title; 3 pictures of each theme share a total size within 1M or cannot be uploaded. (Data mentioned above can be modified in the route of Image Size in the menu of Image in the software Photoshop.) During the publicity period on the official site, every application work can be commented and voted by the members of the site. Comments and votes are not taken into consideration by the Review Committee, but serve only as the evidence for competing for Best Popularity Award.

5.  To guarantee the quality of selecting, please send the entire work of your video and work picture via QQ online customer service to the Organizing Committee within one week after your application. Participating artists have to provide two formats of their works: DVD and any one of wma, avi or swf. Picture of your work should be one picture composited with 8 video screenshots, only allowed in the format of jpg or tiff, color mode of CMYK, picture size within 297mm (h) ×210mm (w), and the resolution ratio as 300p/cm. (Data mentioned above can be modified in the route of Image Size in the menu of Image in the software Photoshop.) This picture will appear on the album and be used in related report and propaganda items.

6.  Repeated application and excessively uploaded works will be deleted. Anyone who has maliciously repeated applying, spread network virus, been recognized as cheating in a network voting process by network technology personnel and the Review Committee commonly, will be subject to deletion of their application materials and cancellation of participation qualification.

Courtesy of Today Art Museum, for further information please visit n2013.artnow.com.cn/art2013 or contact pub@todayartmuseum.org.

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