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On July 21, 2013, hosted by Today Art Museum, sponsored by Caissa Travel Company, the ceremony of “Caissa Rising Artists: 2013 Exhibition for the Nominated Students from the Art Academy” was grandly held at Today Art Museum. “ The Exhibition for the Nominated Students from the Art Academy” was initially held by Today Art Museum, a non-profit private art museum, in 2006, as the first public art award for the students from the art academy. Since its inception, with a mature operating system, academic values of authority, a fair and open selection mechanism, it has been widespread within concerned art circles, and celebrities for the 8th annual exhibition.

The general theme of “Roam and Art”, 2013 Exhibition for Nominated Students is divided into two parts including “Moving” and “Arrival”. It supposes that the artists go beyond the bourgeois life, roaming in universal thinking, restoring a more open development of an individual nature, and a broader expression to freely express oneself in the “Moving”, to finally celebrate the “Arrival” at the artistic dream. At the same time, the 2013 exhibition initially launches a video unit, to stimulate students interested in contemporary video art. In addition, the exhibition focuses on a collection of design works, in cooperation with cool net, a “designer-centric” exchange platform, to open a new way for entries . The collection of more specific deign works is in order to build a bridge of communication between the art museum and designers.

After months of calling for entries, the 2013 exhibition for nominated students has received more than 7000 works by more than 3000 students from more than ten decades of art academies across the world, to select 157 finalists, including 20 video works. The exhibition of finalists opened on July 19, while the judges visited it over three days to select works, so that the selection process was fair and transparent. Young critic He Guiyan serves as the curator of the 2013 exhibition for nominated students, in cooperation with the curatorial team composed of students from universities to complete the exhibition planning.

In the evening of July 21, 2013, the winners of the “Caissa Rising Artists: 2013 Exhibition for Nominated Students from Art Academy” stood out from 134 finalists of young artists! Zhao Xiaoxiao won the Special Award; Zheng Zicheng won the Xu Weixin’s Award; Aishajiang Tuersun(艾沙江•吐尔逊) won the Su Xinping’s Award; Wang Yawei won the Zhou Jingxin’s Award; Qian Liang won the Qu Guangci’s Award; Du Yaxuan won the Zhang Jian’s Award, six students won the gold awards, six students won the silver awards, 12 students won the bronze awards, and 14 students won the excellent awards. In addition, it awarded the Best Video, Best Idea, and Best Production in the video unit.

The exhibition is open to the public on the 3rd floor of Hall 1, 2nd floor of Hall 2, 1st -2nd floors of Hall 3, on July 19, on going through to August 22, 2013. The audience can not only visit the museum to see it, but also log into the related link of the museum, viewing the panorama of the exhibition on the computer through virtual reality technology. We hope that more and more people pay attention to the young art students who create the future, as well as the possibilities that they bring to future contemporary Chinese art.

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Translated by Chen Peihua and edited by Sue/CAFA ART INFO

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