01 View of the opening ceremony

On October 5, 2015, focused on the promotion of young art, “Art Nova 100” launched an opening exhibition at the National Agriculture Exhibition Center, which is the 5th anniversary celebration activity of “Art Nova 100”, in the exhibition hall covering 13000 square meters, exhibiting the works by 320 artists from 18 countries and regions, including Chinese painting, oil painting, print, sculpture, installation, video, interactive art, experimental art and other forms of art, as well as being the largest scale youth art exhibition in Asia.

Started in 2011, “Art Nova 100” first used a new mode to promote young artists with a large number of artists and works in the form of a touring exhibition that travelled across the country, and it has become an influential and integrated art brand creating a perfect mode and complete mechanism after five years of development.

“2015 Art Nova 100” reviewed a lot of promotional items, including exhibitions, research, publications, lectures, etc., over the past 5 years, and also drew the outline of the operation mode and mechanism of the project, so that it can specialise in holding the 2011-2014 Art Nova 100 Retrospective Exhibition. At the same time, it is involved in new trials each year, for example, “youth” is defined as the people born in and after 1980 for the first time, it is the first time to launch the “Mingtai Culture” project, it is the first time for the organizing committee to plan an international youth video art exhibition, and it is the first time to hold an exhibition in cooperation with galleries, young curators and the media. The exhibition of the year is divided into 4 parts, including “Art Nova 100”, “Mingtai Culture”, “Overseas Youth Art”, “Cooperation and Recommendation Exhibition”, while each unit is divided into different exhibition sectors which are on all dimensions and present the creative ecology of young artists.

During the exhibition, it launched a series of art activities in various forms, among them “The Youth Art School” which establishes nearly 10 lectures in art, to interpret youth art from different angles; “Children’s Art Educational Zone” arranged a special art education for the children. The exhibition continued to October 7.

Photo and text by Zhang Wenzhi/CAFA ART INFO

Translated by Chen Peihua and edited by Sue/CAFA ART INFO

About the Exhibition

The exhibition included 4 parts: 2015 “Art Nova 100”, 2011-2014 Art Nova 100 Retrospective, “Shibijia Nova Art Support Program” shortlisted show, “LALIQUE Youth Art Award” winning artist solo exhibition.
2015 Art Nova 100 section showcased the works by 112 young artists from 3000 applicants across the country by the art council, to present the annual new work in art. 2011-2014 Art Nova 100 Retrospective invited 100 artists selected from the hundreds of artists of the previous exhibitors of the Nova Art 100, to collectively present their latest creation in art. “Shibijia Nova Art Support Program” was a cooperative prize by Art Nova 100 and “Shibijia Culture”, the independent area presented the works by 10 shortlisted artists. “LALIQUE Youth Art Award” was a cooperative prize by Art Nova 100 and the top crystal brand “LALIQUE”, to showcase the work by Guo Tianyi, the winner of the previous “LALIQUE Youth Art Award”.

“Mingtai Culture” Exhibition Unit
The exhibition was divided into 3 sections: “Extraordinary Youth Art Micro-Solo Exhibition Series”, “Mingtai Emerging Artists Solo Exhibition Promotional Program”, “1 in 100/ Art Nova Solo Exhibition Series”. “Extraordinary Youth Art Micro-Solo Exhibition Series” was based on the presentation of experimental schemes of young artists in the form of a micro solo exhibition. “Mingtai Emerging Artists Solo Exhibition Promotional Program” was committed to the presentation of the annual new creation of young artists in the form of a solo exhibition. “1 in 100/ Art Nova Solo Exhibition Series” focused on the presentation of the creative situation of the young artists over the 3 to 5 years. The 3 sections complemented each other, and the participating artists respectively presented their own artistic exploration and practice in a relatively independent space.

“Overseas Youth Art” Exhibition Unit
The exhibition unit included 3 parts: “Japan & Korea Contemporary Young Artists Invitation Exhibition”, “Arte Laguna Art Prize Video Exhibition”, and “Invitational Youth Video Art Exhibition”.

“Cooperation and Recommendation Exhibition” Exhibition Unit
The exhibition unit included three sections: “Curator Special Nomination Exhibition”, “Gallery Special Nomination Exhibition”, and “Media Special Nomination Exhibition”.


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