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Since the 1980s, along with the initiation and development of Chinese contemporary art, a variety of ideological trends in ink painting have constantly emerged, now, many artists, who seek innovation in content and form, think of ink painting from cultural and spiritual perspectives after transformation, while the boundaries in ink painting are gradually blurred and the epitaxy is slowly expanded.

At 16:00 on June 11, 2016, Annual Review Exhibition of China Contemporary Ink Painting (2015-2016) & New Book Release Conference of Annual Review Exhibition of China Contemporary Ink Painting (2015-2016) opened at the Building No.2, Today Art Museum. Organized and initiated by DA Chuan Culture  and Moudao Fine Arts, which aims at organizing and summarising the form of “book +exhibition” as well as showcasing the current state of contemporary Chinese ink painting, with an open, tolerant and peaceful attitude to widely absorb the contemporary ink painters who have an innovative spirit and awareness in exploring, in order to comprehensively present the new features of contemporary ink painting of the year, so that it can be considered an assembly of Chinese contemporary ink practitioners.

The Director of the Department of Figure Painting at the School of Chinese Painting of CAFA Wang Xiaohui is one of the participating artists, he addressed the opening ceremony and said that the annual exhibition had been planned for nearly a year, to present the artists and works that really reflect the new annual phenomenon and development of Chinese contemporary ink painting from 2015 to 2016. Speaking of the preparation work of the exhibition and book, Director of DA Chuan Culture Zhang Kai said that, one year ago, the Annual Review of China Contemporary Ink Painting Organizing Committee began the planning of the yearbook idea “Book + Exhibition”, which had experienced many complicated jobs while researching. He thanked the participating artists and friends for the presentation of exhibition and the successful publishing of book.

“Annual Review Exhibition of China Contemporary Ink Painting (2015-2016)”

In recent years, the academic community and art market tried to use conceptual vocabulary such as the New Literati Painting, Experimental Ink, Abstract Ink, New Gongbi and New Ink Painting, to define and summarize the individuals of a variety of forms in contemporary ink painting. However, it might require a unique systematic perspective and approach to be clearly involved in this field.

The project uses the system of “using a book to promote the exhibition, acombination of book and exhibition”, “Annual Review Exhibition of China Contemporary Ink Painting (2015-2016)” compiled as a yearbook, taking the individuals as subclauses, to record their resumes and new works of the 83 contemporary ink painters who participated in the annual show, at the same time, it uses the artists as the narrative units to show the transection to the audience. Its intention is neither to deliberately have an academic definition or be involved in the history, nor the classifying and subjectively evaluation of the artists, but strives to objectively focus on the presentation of the current state of contemporary ink painting. No matter the insiders or amateurs who are interested in contemporary ink painting, they can all make use of this “tool” to easily retrieve and consult the latest data of each artist, to create a detailed and in-depth understanding of contemporary ink.

The exhibition remains on view till June 18, and the book will be published by China Radio, Film and Television Publishing House.

About the Exhibition  

Opening Reception: at 16:00 on June 11, 2016

Duration: June 11- June 18, 2016

Venue: Building No.2, Today Art Museum

Building 4, Pingod Community, No.32 Baiziwan Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing

Organizers: Today Art Museum, Annual Review of China Contemporary Ink Painting Organizing Committee

Organizers: DA Chuan Culture, Moudao Fine Arts

Sponsors & Producers: Zhang Kai, Zhang Zongxi

Special Advisers: An Yalan, Britta Erickson, Shen Kuiyi, Tang Keyang, Wu Hongliang, Zhang Zikang

Artists: A Hai, Cai Guangbin, Cao Baoquan, Chen Suping, Ding Xiaozhen, Du Songru, Du Xiaotong, Fang Jun, Feng Bin, Gu Wenda, Hang Chunhui, Hao Liang, He Zubin, Jia Qiuyu, Jiang Ji’an, Jin Sha, Jin Weihong, Lei Mingna, Lei Ziren, Li Geye, Li Guanguan, Li Huasheng, Li Jin, Li Na, Li Tingting, Li Yanbo, Liang Quan, Lin Yusi, Liu Jia, Liu Qinghe, Liu Zijian, Lu Chuntao, Luo Yongjun, Ma Jun, Ma Lingli, Nan Fang, Nan Xi, Pan Wenxun, Peng Wei, Qin Xiuping, Qiu Ting, Qu Leilei, Qu Weiwei, Sang Huoyao, Shan Dingkai, Shen Qin, Shen Qin, Shi Jianguo, Tan Jun, Tian Wei, Tu Shaohui, Wang Chuan, Wang Dongling, Wang Jinsong, Wang Mengsha, Wang Mengqi, Wang Tiande, Wang Xiaohui, Wang Yu, Wei Ligang, Wei Qingji, Wu Yi, Xiao Xu, Xing Qingren, Xu Hualing, Xu Jiacun, Xu Lele, Xu Lei, Yang Jiecang, Yang Yu, Yu Yue, Yu Qiping, Yuan Jinhua, Zeng Jianyong, Zhang Suojia, Zhang Yu, Zhang Zhengmin, Zheng Chongbin, Zhu Jianzhong, Zhu Wei, Zhu Yamei, Zhu Zhengming, Zuo Zhengyao

Text by Yu Ya, translated by Chen Peihua and edited by Sue/CAFA ART INFO

Photo by Yu Ya and the organizer 

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