55’s aims are to promote critical and engaging contemporary art practices and ideas through exhibitions & curitorial projects. “FRONT.ROOM.LOOP” is an independent project launched March 2013. It is dedicated to showing video works by emerging artists. For its second project show, Li Liao, a nomadic artist, will present his performance on video entitled “A Slap (Wuhan)”. On 8 January 2011, Li Liao stood with eyes closed at the entrance of Optical Valley walking street in Wuhan, waiting for an unknown executant sought online to give him a slap on the face and then leave. It will be on view from March 26 through April 14.

Born in 1982 in the Hubei province, China, Liao’s art is described as “based on experiments with social systems that use his own person as the key subject. He graduated with a B.A. from Wuhan Academy of Art in 2005. He often actively mixes himself into fraught situations or intentionally upsets customs in order to bring about new recognitions. His recent exhibitions include: “ON │OFF” (Beijing UCCA, 2013); “Scorpio Mark” (solo show, Yangzi River Forum, 2012); “That Girl” (Xi Wang Art Museum, 2012); “Donghu Sweat” (Donghu Art Project, 2010).

About the exhibition

Dates: March 26 – April 14

Venue: Gallery 55

Address: 50 Moganshan Road, Building 4 Shanghai 200060, China

Tel: +86 21 6266 4108

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