Poster of A Tale of Two Cities–Lu Hsien-ming Exhibition Glimpses of Cities

The city is the defining space for all modern people, it carries the cultural achievements of modern man, as well as their dreams and disappointments. No city is just the buildings in it, rather each city is made up of a countless number of living, and complicated individuals. In the corner of this city, we can see on the bodies of those lively and true individuals that any time’s contradictions and absurdities must be shouldered by the individual. It is influential, profound, and forceful for every individual living in these times.

In Lu Hsien-ming’s work, the development of the modernization of the city and the relations between individuals constantly reappear. His road bridge series was started in the 1990s when Taipei was rapidly developing, when he turned his gaze towards the rising modern architectural monuments. This product of industrialization symbolizes the spirit of a city, however behind the larger narrative of this modern spirit, Lu Hsien-ming turned his sights towards the main part of the city, that is the changes to the people and their time spent within the city. Modernization has sped up people’s lives, making things more convenient and has increased the speed of everything. It seems as if it has become an unstoppable trend that has reached every single corner of the earth, but behind this trend, behind the bright and beautiful honors, countless numbers of individuals are still living, and bearing the burdens of the changes and developments in society.

About the exhibition

Curator: Cui Cancan

Dates: 2015/01/17-03/15

Venue: MOCA Taipei

Courtesy of the artist and MOCA Taipei, for further information please visit

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