The exhibition displays more than 30 pieces of rock color paintings, several historical documents on rock color and video art “ Mote” from Prof. Hu Mingzhe who works at the Central Academy of Fine Arts.

For twenty years, Hu was inspired by this natural material of rock col. She expands her horizon and mind, focuses on the relationship between human beings and the universe, feeling the greatness of the nature and the insignificance of human beings. While her way of creation is becoming more natural, her idealistic stature is getting more profound. Finally, the rock color has evolved into a symbol of her view of the world—”Mote”. The word mote comes from Buddhism, which means that the constituent part of everything in the universe is made of tiny particles, and its immensity is beyond limitation, as is its smallness. The history of rock color painting represents Chinese society, which has transformed from a traditional to a modern one. The world view on the mote reminds people, who are in the real world of value disturbance and material desire, to be aware of the essence of life, and keep the purity of our spirit along with the harmony of the nature.

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