The last decade, from 2001 to 2011, has witnessed a rapid development in China, which also experienced a stabilizing of the foundation art education in the Central Academy of Fine Arts following uncertainty and debates.  The Foundation Year Programme of the Central Academy of Fine Arts was founded in 2001, which has focused on cultivating the students “comprehensive ability within fine arts by combining various techniques and concepts of both eastern and western art into its teaching process”, to deepen their interest and understanding of art expression and improve their adaptability to future careers so that the student will get a comprehensive quality education in their four-year creative life.

“The Exhibition of Teaching Staff from Foundation Year Programme” showcases recent creations of 12 active-service teachers, their previous assignments of foundation art during their schooldays, their usual compositions for research and interview excerpts with them on “How do I study?”, “How do I draw?” and “How do I teach? ”

 Courtesy of the artists and CAFAM.

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