On August 18, 2013, “Academic Interpretation Exhibition of Hou Yimin’s Two Paintings of History” was held at the National Art Museum of China. As an outstanding representative artist of the first generation of the People’s Republic of China, Hou Yimin was awarded the “Lifetime Achievement Award” by the nation. After years of careful preparation, “Academic Interpretation Exhibition of Hou Yimin’s Two Paintings of History” is the initial large scale academic interpretation exhibition of Hou Yimin held at the National Art Museum of China.

It mainly features two thematic creations by Hou Yimin including “Liu Shaoqi and Anyuan Miners”, “Chairman Mao and Anyuan Miners”, and all the materials and creative environment of these paintings are on display, revealing that the artist had always adhered to being an advocate and practice “Art comes from life”. This idea is the core issue of art in the new China, and it’s undoubtably the meaning of the times, an historical role and an important direction for the development of Chinese art in history, society, and culture which is very valuable, which is uniquely associated with the development of Chinese contemporary art.

The exhibition has been carefully planned and prepared for five years, the academic organization is by the team of “Chinese Contemporary Art Archive” led by Zhu Qingsheng, from Peking University, the exhibition production is by the team led by Tan Ping from CAFA, not only trying to fully show the artist’s achievements, but also to present the meaning of the historic achievement in a contemporary vision, therefore, the exhibition itself is an unusual experiment and discovery.

About Hou Yimin

Born in Gaoyang, Hebei Province, Hou Yimin is a well-known Mongolian oil painter, artist, art educator, national expert with an outstanding contribution, Honorary President of Chinese Frescoes Society, artist of the first generation of the People’s Republic of China, one of the pioneers of the new mural movement. He specialises in oil painting, mural painting, Chinese painting, pottery, sculpture and archaeological identification. He was a former deputy director of the Department of Oil Painting, CAFA, former director of the Department of Mural Painting, CAFA, First Vice-President, Chairman of Chinese Mural Society, executive director of the Chinese Artists Association, director of the National Commission of Mural Art, Chairman of Wu Zuoren International Art Foundation, etc. In January 2013, he won the second “Chinese Art Award • Lifetime Achievement Award.”

Hou Yimin learned Chinese painting with Chen Xiaoxi, a disciple of Qi Baishi when he was young. In 1946, he studied in the National Beiping Art School, under the tutelage of Xu Beihong, Wu Zuoren, Ai Zhongxin, etc., majored in oil painting. Since 1950, he has taught in CAFA. In 1950, he studied in a painting course by Maksimov, held by CAFA. He retired in 1990. He was involved in the design of the third and fourth sets of RMB. After 1986, he participated in the establishments of gardens such as Splendid China, China Folk Culture Village, etc. serving as the chief adviser. In 2008, he produced the “Ancient Sport Mural” for the National Stadium of China. In 2009, he presided over the completion of a huge mural of “The Relief of Earthquake”.

About the exhibition

Duration: August 18 – August 26, 2013

Venue: National Art Museum of China

Organizers: Chinese Artists Association, CAFA, National Art Museum of China, Wu Zuoren International Foundation of Fine Arts

Translated by Chen Peihua and edited by Sue/CAFA ART INFO

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