02 Installation View of All That Is Solid Melts into Air

All That Is Solid Melts into Air, a solo exhibition of SHI Qing, is presented at ShanghART H-Space from May 26th, 2012 through to June 30th, 2012. The exhibition title is a sentence which is frequently quoted from Karl Marx’s work. This is a series of the artist’s practical clues about the recent art productions and exhibitions, as well as intervention and criticism for today’s art consumption system. In the exhibition, the artist displays work materials from the studio, experimental models, semi-finished works, and reproduced exhibited works together. All these are mixed in the space and partly covered by green plants. Through paths across the exhibition, every viewer becomes a referee and identifies and redefines the art works. The work forms come from landscape images in different historic periods or from public experiences. Using a stage like setting, it pushes the background-like display to the front desk after the subject of work has been taken away.

SHI Qing was born in 1969 in Baotou, Inner Mongolia, he currently lives and works in Shanghai. A selection of major exhibitions in which SHI Qing has participated includes: Santa Fe Biennale (U.S.A, 2008), The Second Guangzhou Triennial (China, 2005), Prague Biennale (Czech Republic, 2005), Busan Biennale (Korea, 2004).

About the Exhibition

Duration: 1PM-6PM, May 26–Jun 30, 2012.

Opening: 4PM-6PM, May 26, 2012.

Venue: ShanghART H-Space, 50 Moganshan Rd., Bldg 18 Shanghai

Courtesy of Shiqing and ShanghART H-Space, for further information please visit www.shanghartgallery.com.

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