Poster of Tilt Horizon 419x598 - AMNUA presents the group exhibition “Tilt Horizon” in Nanjing

“Tilt Horizon” is an inevitable, objective existence. Tilting is the unstable, shifting state of a given level, and existence is always an interactive relationship that is difficult to stabilize. However, “Tilt Horizon” is also an inevitable, subjective existence; it represents different positions that we must occupy, sub-stable relationships that face different directions, and visions that are constantly shifting and changing.

As the artist Claude Closky has said, “‘Tilt Horizon’ proposes a dialogue about the always shifting places occupied by the artists and the public, confronting different horizons.”

“Tilt Horizon” is ubiquitous yet variable. More importantly, is it a foundation of existence that we fully understand? Is it a tactic or approach to existence that we must take? The exhibition and the performance attract viewers and participants, encouraging them to use their eyes, steps, gestures, and of course—and perhaps more importantly—their minds and thoughts. They are present to experience constantly changing and shifting thought and action. Does this induce collective speculation and concern for one another? Or has the idea and action already shifted, departing from yet moving towards someone else?

“Tilt Horizon” was co-curated by artist Claude Closky, winner of the 2005 Prix Marcel Duchamp; French artist Elsa Werth and art group DeYi Studio will participate in the exhibition and performance.

About the exhibition

Curated by Yamin Wang and Claude Closky

Duration: 2019 . 03 . 08—2019 . 03 . 14

Opening  Time: 2019. 03. 08  15:00

Venue: No.0 Hall, Art Museum of Nanjing University of the Arts

Artists: Claude Closky, DeYi Studio, Elsa Werth

Team: Qu Jun, Jin Yuheng, Jiang Yuhang, Fan Jiayun, Di Zhengjie

Courtesy of the artists and AMNUA, for further information please visit

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