05 Group photo of the honored guests who were present at the opening ceremony

On the afternoon of April 29, 2016, the “Research Exhibition on the Debut of the Visual Language of Oil Painting” was unveiled at Beijing Times Art Museum. Many honored guests such as the Cultural Counselor of the Austrian Embassy in China Arnold Obermayr, art critic and curator Sheng Wei, art critic Hao Qingsong, Executive Director of Dadao Art, Executive Publisher of “Art and Wealth”, curator Zhu Xiaojun, Director of Art Research Department Prof. Wang Dongsheng from the School of Design and Arts at Beijing Institute of Technology, artist Prof. Cai Jin from Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts, the artist Prof. Wang Huanqing from the School of Design and Arts at Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology, artist Fu Hong, a researcher of the China National Academy of Painting, Director of Beijing Times Art Museum Wang Yi, and participating artists attended the opening ceremony.

The show is intended to use the concern of “another vision” to discuss the language problem in painting, as the most direct and natural expressive system for people, painting has its value and significance of existence at not specified time. The artistic language does not only exist in the emotion, experience, knowledge and belief of people, but also exists in the circle of language itself and the infinite stretch that that has. Focus on the generation of relations between the language of easel painting and people or society, which is never out of date, and it is this significance that is in the process of being discussed.

The research exhibition is divided into two parts including oil painting and ink painting, which are respectively held in May and October. The show of oil painting invites 5 art judges (in alphabetical order by last name): Cai Jin, Fu Hong, Wang Dongsheng, Wang Huanqing, and Wu Weijia, to elect 25 artists who were born after the 1970s who are constantly engaged in the creation of paintings. The young artists who participate in the exhibition all conform to the spiritual dimension of “another vision” in the observation, comprehension and expression of reality.

At the beginning, Prof. Wang Dongsheng addressed the opening ceremony and said that, in this era information and consumption was surplus, it was not an easy thing for young artists to keep their own unique innovative and explorative spirit, he affirmed the value of the show, and paid a compliment to the planning of the organizer and the promotion by several judges with a perspective, he expounded the organizational structure of the exhibition and the general expectation of the work afterwards.

Prof. Wang Huanqing had a specification of the value and significance of the study show from the perspective of individual visitors and greatly praised the show. The artist Huang He thanked the art museum for supporting the young artists and the work of the curatorial team on behalf of the artists. Combining with his own practice, Wang Yi affirmed and expected the present creative state of painting art and encouraging artists to bravely emerge to create a new achievement.

After the end of the opening ceremony, the guests who were present and the participating artists conducted an in-depth exchange and discussion on the topic of “Contemporary Context and Language Construction of Oil Painting Creation”, in terms of “In the Context of Contemporary Society, Current Situation of Painting Creations and the Problems Faced”, “Formation of Oil Painting Art Language and Its Relation with Society and Individual”, etc.

In addition to the exhibition, during this study which continues for another 6 months, it will also track and record the creation of the artists, as well as the dialogue and exchanges, assembling the study results for publication. It will also be through the establishment of individual files, that particular attention can be paid to the artists and art problems, through the combined exhibitions and series of activities that will be held to promote the topics for discussion.

About the Exhibition   

Host: Beijing Times Art Museum

Curator: Wang Yi

Curatorial Committee: Cai Jin, Fu Hong, Wang Dongsheng, Wang Huanqing, Wu Weijia (in alphabetical order by last name)

Artists: Fang Yuxuan, Guo Jianlian, Guo Zi, Hao Xuepeng, Hong Dan, Huang He, Jiang Huajun, Jiang Tong, Lu Lin, Lu Xiaoyi, Ma Qi, Mao Yanyang, Mi Jie, Nan Fang, Ning Changliang, Qin Debao, Shen Hao, Shi Tou, Wang Zibo, Xia Jianning, Xu He, Yan Bingqing, Zang Kunkun, Zhang Jingze, Zhou Jinhua (in alphabetical order by last name)

Duration: April 29 – May 11, 2016

Venue: F35-37, Beijing Times Art Museum

Text and Photo edited by Zhu Li, translated by Chen Peihua and edited by Sue/CAFA ART INFO.

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