Art Museum as Knowledge Production 2

Recently, the “Art Museum as Knowledge Production” New Monograph by Wang Huangsheng was published and released by Beijing Central Compilation and Translation Press. As the first Volume of the New Experience on Art Museum Series anthology, starting from the angle of the relation of art museum to knowledge, exhibition planning, studies of collections, studies of art history, it has a in-depth analysis of the “Art Museum as Knowledge Production”.

Wang Huangsheng serves as the Curator of the Central Academy of Fine Arts Art Museum, the former curator of Guangdong Museum of Art, and decades of management experience in art museums makes him one of the most famous and important art museum curators of the same time, working on academic research and artistic creation, dedicated to the study of fine art and the museum of fine art, he’s a well-known curator and artist across China. Unfolded around Wang Huangsheng’s writings including monographs, reviews, essays, speeches, interviews, investigative notes, with his years of theoretical thinking and practical research about Chinese art museums, the anthology series guides the reader to an in-depth new experience of the work and study of art museums with a practical, innovative, sharp and wise speech, and showing his academic study, trajectory of thought, art and life story of notandum style, etc., as multiple identities including art museum curator. It rendered him with a true image as an art museum curator, a scholar and an artist.

Themed on the “Art Museum as Knowledge Production”, the first volume, starting from the angles of the relation of art museum to knowledge, exhibition planning, studies of collection, studies of art history, combined with the work experiences of the author as the Curator of Guangdong Museum of Art and the Central Academy of Fine Arts Art Museum successively. He combed through the years of experience in the art museum industry, and dissected the problems and features of domestic art museums and curatorial mechanism, outlining and revealing the obvious and hidden work, concept, hesitation and holdout, thinking and breakthroughs. At the same time, it also included the author’s recent monographs of art history studies, with a comprehensive display of his research capabilities and overall quality as an art museum practitioner, as well as giving new knowledge and vision, new inspiration and thinking to the readers who love art and are concerned with the development of the Chinese art museum.

As Zhu Qingsheng said: “Being an intellectual, Wang Huangsheng is not limited to be an art museum curator, but he also knows and understands the worth of vigilance and is a critic of the knowledge production of an art museum exhibition, therefore, when reading some details of the design and presentation in his anthology, we have a feeling that it is seemingly an exhibition, in fact, he shared with us an idea of how to make an art museum exhibition unconfined to knowledge.

Wang Huangsheng

Wang Huangsheng; Courtesy of Wang Huangsheng and CAFA ART INFO

About the author

Wang Huangsheng (b. 1956.10), pseudonym Wang Shi, born in Jieyang, Guangdong province, once he was an editor of Lingnan Art Publishing House, a full-time painter and theorist of Guangdong Academy of Painting, Deputy Curator of Guangdong Museum of Art, and Curator of Guangdong Museum of Art. Currently he’s Curator of Central Academy of Fine Arts Art Museum, Vice Chairman of the Guangdong Artists Association, Distinguished Professor of Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts, winning special allowance of the State Council, First-level Artist, a member of Chinese Artists Association, a 9th CPPCC Guangdong Provincial Committee. And he was awarded the Knight of the Order of the “Star of Italian Solidarity “by the Italian President in 2006.

Book Information

Wang Huangsheng: New Experience on Art Museum  I

Art Museum as Knowledge Production

Price: RMB 68.00

Author: Wang Huangsheng

Publisher: Central Compilation and Translation Press; First Edition edition (November, 2012)Word Counts: 160,000

ISBN 978-7-5117-1417-6

Printing: Beijing Artron Color Printing Co., Ltd.

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