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The artists participating in the exhibition are all from Beijing Creative Center of Korea Kwangju City Art Museum. Kwangju City Art Museum established Beijing Creative Center in Beijing Huantie Art Zone at the end of 2009, and has supported the art creation and activities of 4 Korean artists and 3 Chinese artists each year since 2010.

Yoon, Ilkweong was one of the first generation to study overseas in the Department of Chinese Painting, CAFA after the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Korea in 1992. His most recent works display the anthropomorphic orangutans, to put forward his view of the world. Park, Woongkyu arrived in China to study in CAFA in 1996 and then settled in Beijing, his recently creative theme is ‘One Idea’. “All things are originated from one idea.” Sobin Park started to use the simple drawing material, a pencil in her early creations. Most of her works are larger than 10 meters, and the harmony of the black and white makes the painting look like Chinese painting, emitting a strong Oriental breath. Gwon, Seungchan is a comprehensive media artist engaged in installation art, conceptual art, public art, graphic painting and many other categories. But he only presents graphic works at the exhibition in accordance with his production standard. Namely it is necessary that the material of works come from life experience, reducing production time as much as possible, the work is sold by weight. Hwang, Junghoo is an artist that through photographs transfers his ideas. His work can be roughly divided into two types, on the one hand taking photos of human faces covered by masks of various forms, on the other hand taking photos of a new form of fruits after two fruits or vegetables graft. Jeong Seong Joon graduated from CAFA, with a master’s degree. He was awarded the First Prize in the graduation exhibition, presenting his realisations to the Chinese art world. Currently he mainly creates oil paintings, using Photoshop to sketch, breaking the traditional way of using paper, pencil, watercolor, etc. to sketch, which is a rebuttal of the traditional way. Sul Park’s creation is in ink painting but uses other forms in addition to ink painting. First casually daub ink on the rice paper, when it is dry, the artist rips it into pieces and uses this way of collage to reconstitute a painting, eventually finishing a landscape painting. Yoon, Junyoung uses ink, charcoal and Chinese pigments to create on rice paper. Although the use of the Western painting material charcoal on rice paper, it has an ink-like feeling, naturally integrated into the screen. Use of natural fusion of Eastern and Western materials performs a modern urban feeling. Gao Ping is a Chinese artist joining the residency program of Beijing Creative Center of Korea Kwangju City Art Museum. Although he graduated from the Department of Oil Painting, CAFA, his painting is of the Oriental spirit of Zen.

About the Exhibition

Art Views – Group Exhibition of Korean & Chinese Artists, 2015

Opening: at 3:00 pm – 6:00 pm on March 28, 2015 (Saturday)

Duration: March 28 – April 24, 2015 Monday to Sunday

Venue: Beijing XYZ Gallery, D05 798 Art District (Middle Second Street 798)

Curators: Park Woongkyu, Pipoo Yang

Artists: Park, Woongkyu/ Yoon, Ilkweong/ Gwon, Seungchan/ Jeong Seong Joon/ Sobin Park/ Yoon, Junyoung/ Hwang, Junghoo/ Sul Park/ Gao Ping

Courtesy of the artists and Beijing XYZ Gallery, translated by Chen Peihua and edited by Sue/CAFA ART INFO

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