Kim Jintaek, A Drawer, 2014; Elm, 55x53x153cm

Kim Jintaek, A Drawer, 2014; Elm, 55x53x153cm

ARTMIA Foundation will hold a group exhibition of YIJING group exhibition “ZHUANG” in March 28, 2015.

Contemporary art is abstruse since it embraces diverse thoughts on existing things which bring about diversity in interpretation. Art interpretation has become more difficult due to a worldview presupposing rational thinking. In the meantime, contemporary art has gone through new experiments and experiences beyond a post-modern perspective on the basis of philosophy.

Art is the result of an artist’s expanded or reduced thoughts. Contemporary art puts more importance on invisible strength than forced strength. Any technical “packaging” has to be elucidated to communicate with the true nature of contemporary artworks. Packaging originally means wrapping or adorning beautifully. It conveys a scientific, artistic, and dynamic concept. The notion of “communication” is interpreted into “coming and going,” “seeing through,” and “being well-versed.” The concept of “communication” means no problems arise between the subject and the object. Our effort to grasp the concept of any artwork for communication can thus be defined as a process of unwrapping. There is no fixed answer to the question of how to unwrap it. Some unwrap or tear away wrapping paper without any serious consideration, but others do not want to fully remove the wrapping.

Yijing has communicated with lots of unspecified things, interpreting empty yet filled space. Since 2010, he has presented spiritual and aesthetic “wrapped” spaces to cities in China in collaboration with Asian artists. Yijing’s new exhibition focuses on contemporary art as its main content. All life forms and things may have their own systems of perception but they are initially not for contemplation or meditation. It differs widely from works of art that thoroughly become the objects of contemplation or meditation. When we make any aesthetic judgment on works of contemporary art, we are in a calm, meditative state. This signifies the invisible weight or a process of communication with the true nature of contemporary art. Yijing tries to shed light on the true nature of contemporary art through his approach to thought, not corporeality.

The Artmia Foundation presents its first exhibition curated by Yijing in 2015, bringing together young Asian artists under the theme of ZHUANG. What the artists adorn or wrap is not any conundrum or exhausted ego in a measurable realistic world. What they wrap is maybe invisible and their nature will be enriched by their microscopic approach to diverse thoughts. Their work is obviously a gift offered to us, be it reason-centered wrapping, socio-political wrapping, or aesthetic wrapping. We need to seriously consider how we can solve this wrapping matter. This is also a realization of the meaning Yijing has intended to contain in living space.

About ARTMIA Foundation

ARTMIA foundation is the first contemporary art public welfare foundation that approval by the Civil Affairs Bureau of Beijing. It also is the only specified perennial partners of Boao forum for Asia art project. ARTMIA Foundation was established since 2006 by Dr. Mia Jin, which committed to initiating, presenting and supporting Asian contemporary art projects around the world. ARTMIA believes in the power of art to embody and inspire human aspiration for virtue and excellence. We devoted to providing a platform for various audiences to appreciate art and to organizing various art exhibitions and academic activities, accompanying with the likeminded friends to create the contemporary arts oriental era.

About the exhibition

Dates: 2015.03.28-2015.06.07

Opening: 2015.03.28, 4 p.m.

Artists: Kim Jintaek, Li Bing, Li Yonggeng, Liu Yongkang, Mao Wakayama, Qi Lei, Song Hongquan, Wu Shengzhi, Wu Wei, Wu Zefeng, Yao Peng, Zhang Qiushi

Venue: ARTMIA Foundation, 1F 261 Caochangdi, Airport Service Road Chaoyang District, Beijing, 100015, China

T: +86 10 8457 4550

Courtesy of the artists and ARTMIA Foundation, for further inquiry, please contact or visit

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