SHI Yunyuan, 66 Writings 66, 2016; Mixed media

The fall group exhibition “I will be your eyes” at Art + Shanghai from September 4th to October 23rd assembles 7 Chinese artists born in the 1990s. The astute from this generation are striving to move beyond the single-child malady of the “Little Emperor” and “Little Empress” syndrome that had plagued the generation born in the aftermath of the Cultural Revolution in the 1980s. With internet and capitalism a ubiquitous feature of their daily lives, many of the nineties generation (jiu ling hou) are emerging onto the social and professional platform as the most precocious and highly educated young professionals in China’s recent history. With a degree of sophisticated awareness, some have even put aside the frivolities of selfish materialism to cast an inquiring gaze at the conditions of Chinese contemporary society that came to shape and define who they are at this critical juncture of their lives and careers.

“I will be your eyes” is an artistic catalyst for an alternate vision. A vision of sight when there is no guiding light and a vision striving for reconciliation in a world mounting with escalating tensions. Thus, it is with sensitivity that the forgotten are inscribed back into the collective consciousness and what we neglect to see are thoughtfully exposed. Through the keen eyesight of the seven accolade graduates of the Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing, Art + Shanghai Gallery is guided towards an intuitive discovery.

About the exhibition

Curator: Song Xiewei

Dates: Sep 4, 2016 – Oct 23, 2016

Venue: Art + Shanghai Gallery

Artists: SHANG Zonglian, SHI Yunyuan, XIE Jingsi, XU Sijin, XUE Yayuan, YAN Shixuan, and ZHENG Qinyu

Courtesy of the artists and Art + Shanghai Gallery, for further information please visit

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