Poster 3 386x598 - Asia Art Center announces "Imprint · Plurality – Solo Exhibition of Chen Qi"

Imprint · Plurality

Since 2015, I have made a series of independent experimental works using works that I made 20 years ago, such as ” Ancient Stringed Instruments,” “Ming Furniture,” “Lotus” and “Interpretation.” The sole purpose is seeking to break through and to transcend the two basic concepts of print and plurality. The experimental method is to break the original overprint order of the printing plate. The printing plate is no longer in accordance with the original design order. It does not follow the overprint procedure of the standard register. Instead, it is spontaneously generated according to the graphic structure of the printing plate and is improvised and freely printed. Thus, the printing plate is liberated from the previous simple function of image reproduction to demonstrate the value and significance of its existence. At the same time, such experimental prints also dispel the mechanical plural property, making each print a unique imprint containing spirituality.

Chen Qi

About the exhibition

Dates: Aug. 25 – Sep. 16, 2018

Opening: Aug. 25 (Sat. ) 3pm

Venue: Asia Art Center Beijing

Address: Dashanzi 798 Art Dist., No.2, Jiuxianqiao Rd., Chaoyang Dist., Beijing 100015, China

Opening Time: 10:00 am – 6:30 pm (Closed on Mon)

Courtesy of the artist and Asia Art Center, for further information please visit

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