At the end of 2010 Chen Xi completed her painting project like a runner finishing a marathon and her series of works “Be Memorized” were finally accomplished after five years of hard work.

The “Be Memorized” series includes 18 works that present some important events from the 1970s in China by displaying true to life images. These events were portrayed in TV footage at the time. The 18 works can even be considered as one complete work depicting the dazzling changes in the last forty years in China and develops the common thinking of the public of the media “television” which often dominates our information, entertainment and social life in recent times.

Image Courtesy of National Art Museum of China

Chen Xi has a large span of work, from earlier expressionism to present conceptual true-life painting. From her first appearance using a strong expressionism style in 1997, she now presents totally different features in her exhibition “The Queen’s New Clothes” which illustrates her accumulation of work over 10 years and shows her transformation of thinking over that period. In the series “Be Memorized” Chen Xi realizes her own breakthrough. It might be only a change in opinion for most people but for an artist it is more like a promise from heaven towards the path laid out by destiny. From then on, there are more possibilities for the future. There are varying interesting expressions to search for in the future. Without doubt,the free state is exciting for an artist especially if the results of free expression can obtain support and respect from the general public.

“Be Memorized-Personal Exhibition of Chen Xi” will have an opening ceremony at the National Art Museum of China on 11 June11 and will be on display till 20 June 2011.The exhibition is planned by Shu KeWen, a famous media celebrity and scholar and the academic in charge of this exhibition will be Wang HuangSheng, President of China Central Academy of Fine Art and famous critic, along with Yang XiaoYan, professor of Sun Yat-Sen University and also a famous critic.

After the exhibition in National Art Museum of China, “Be Memorized-Personal Exhibition of Chen Xi” will start its tour in other Chinese cities and the United States.

Date:Jun 11, 2011 –Jun 19, 2011

Organizer: School of Architecture of CAFA

Venue: Tne National Art Museum of China

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