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On May 19, 2016, “Disintegration – CAFA Fashion Show” staged in D_PARK751. The show was entitled “Disintegration”, to showcase the works by 11 undergraduates and 1 postgraduate, “Disintegration” is a systematic summary of the students’ professional studies at the academy, and it is the first emergence for the fashion design career of the students who are taking off the cocoons and turning to butterflies.

The 12 participating groups featuring graduation works are unfolded from different perspectives including the physical concept, material innovation, memories over time, structural re-combinations, and the innovation of style. Among them, Yu Yimeng’s work “Dark Material”, uses cloth art to express the feelings and exploration of dark material, extracting tangible elements from invisible inspiration, and translating them into practical, beautiful and forward-looking clothing. Xu Rui’s work “Cluster” is developed through an expressive laser cutting of fabric, taking layers of petal-like pieces as the main element, choosing pure white and earthen colors as the main color, representing the blending and corresponding of petals and dust, a symbol of the short-lived reincarnation of life. Qu Mingxin’s work “The Excited Times” looks back over the trend in the 1980s, this is like an ideal or a carnival for young people and intellectuals. Li Shujun’s work “Spirit of Ice” is inspired by natural ice and describes the softness and firmness of ice. Guo Jinjing’s work “Ao, a Short Chinese-Style Coat or Jacket”, recalls the personal feelings of ao, combining the ancient clothing form with the modern manufacturing skill of clothing, the use of clothing structures to create the exaggerated shapes in order to express the feelings of a child’s memories of a cotton-padded jacket. Zhang Jingjing’s work “Transforming Cloth to Clothing” is inspired by the wisdom of the old form of rectangular tailoring, excavating the advantages of the traditional tailoring and making the best use of everything. Qi Lanfang’s work “Our Field” mainly studies the narrative language of fabric which is taken as the medium to carry personal and public memories. Bao Han’s work “Blossom Age” thinks about the influence on the traditional culture of the Chinese costume through the “eastward spread of western style suit” now, and the design is inspired by the early cheongsam. Hu Xixi’s work “Zeng Color” takes fashion as the carrier, the use of different dyes or staining techniques to simulate natural forms. Chen Zhiyin’s work “Second Layer of Skin”, clothing is called “the second skin”, starting from which is the research of the relationship between the body and the form of clothing, and it is presented in the form of engineered fabrics. Zheng Youna’s work “Broken Heart”, the soul leaves the body so it becomes a pure form of existence, without any weight or shape. Zhao Weiwei’s series of works entitled “Spread” take the form of graphical tailoring to make the shape of a clothing planar, and it is inflated in order to present the spatial extension of clothing.

CAFA “Disintegration” fashion show is based on the stage of the International Student Fashion Week hosted by China Fashion Designers Association, while also depending on the preparation of the professional team of CAFA Fashion Design, it also depends on the backstage production team of the student fashion week, in cooperation with the performing team and the team of models.

“Disintegration” fashion show was planned and prepared by the team of CAFA Fashion Design Teaching and Studying Studio led by Prof. Lv Yue, teachers Zhang Qianyi and Zhu Lin. In addition to Prof. Lv Yue, teachers Hu Yahong and Xie Mengdi served as the instructors of the design works which were on show.

Text by School of Design, CAFA, translated by Chen Peihua and edited by Sue/CAFA ART INFO

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