59 Exhibition View of CAFA Instructors Special Exhibition Showcasing Creations by Faculty Members of the Central Academy of Fine Arts

November 22, 2013, “CAFA Instructors: Special Exhibition Showcasing Creations by Faculty Members of the Central Academy of Fine Arts” was inaugurated at the art museum of the Central Academy of Fine Arts (CAFA Art Museum). Nearly 300 series of works by over 290 instructors from CAFA are included in this exhibition, almost covering the full range of subjects including Chinese painting, calligraphy, seal-cutting, oil painting, print, sculpture, photography and video, installation, media multimedia, interactive design, graphic design, product design, jewellery design, fashion design, animation design, architectural design, landscape design, etc. Through comprehensive and intuitive display, it highlights the current creative ability of the CAFA faculty members, exploring deeply while reflecting objectively their academic achievements in their respective fields, as well as their persistence in the pursuit of art and restless dedication. Endowed with the dynamic and vigorous capacity inherent in the Central Academy of Fine Arts, the exhibition is one of the important academic activities of the 95th anniversary of the Central Academy of Fine Arts, with a comprehensive display of achievements by the faculty members in unparalleled quantity of teachers and its scale.

At the press conference before the opening, as the Director of the CAFA Art Museum, Wang Huangsheng gave a brief introduction to the preparations of this exhibition. All the artists selected in this exhibition are successful and dedicated instructors, after a second appraisal, their works have been sifted so as to participate in the exhibition. Also, the exhibition gets unprecedented attention and financial support from the academy, thus it is the climax exhibition of the Central Academy of Fine Arts held at CAFA Art Museum and hopefully the public will regain a new comprehension of the Central Academy of Fine Arts. Prof. Song Xiaoxia pointed out that this exhibition of faculty members is characterized with three peculiarities: great fine arts (including almost of the subjects); internationalization (the international visual field of the CAFA instructors); academic autonomy and confidence( inheritance of traditions, enhancement of advantages, innovation and exploration in new art as well as the limitless tension between traditions and the contemporary in the works). As the president of CAFA Young and Middle-aged Instructors Association, Sun Xun believed that this exhibition is both an inspection and supervision for the young and middle-aged teachers, constituting a platform for teachers to effectively communicate and discuss.

At the opening ceremony chaired by the Xu Bing, Vice-president of the Central Academy of Fine Arts, Pan Gongkai, President of CAFA pointed out that CAFA has always been the highest palace of art leading in art education and academic research across China. This special exhibition held at the 95th anniversary of the Central Academy of Fine Arts, is an important project of the centurial splendid projects. Through this exhibition he hopes that the strength of the faculty members of CAFA can be comprehensively celebrated, the brand of “CAFA Instructors” will gain the attention and emphasis from China even from the various arenas of the world. Prof. Jiang Jie from the Department of Sculpture serves as the representative of the faculty members addressed at the opening ceremony, she felt very proud of being a member of the Central Academy of Fine Arts, along with her development, although she was confused, she felt steady and sure inside, for she has received outstanding and strict professional cultivation. As a teacher, she hopes that she will transmit the excellent tradition to the students and keep it alive, and she hopes all the members of CAFA open their hearts to life, cultivating their insight and ingenuity, not surrendering to the mediocre.

The exhibition will remain on view at CAFA Art Museum until 15 December, 2013.

Journalist: Ye Yuanfeng, Photo: Hu Zhiheng, Edited by Sue/CAFA ART INFO.

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