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Video: Yang Maoyuan Studio Visit

Video: Yang Maoyuan Studio Visit

Yang Maoyuan, one of the five artists elected to attend the Venice Biennale Arte 2011. He was born in Dalian in 1966, graduated from the Printing Department, Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing in 1989, one of the artists of the "89 China Avant-Garde Art Exhibition".
Sui Jianguo's Studio

Sui Jianguo’s Studio

Known as "a pioneer venturing to the farthest reaches of Chinese sculpture," Sui has been one of the most important contemporary artists in China. His art explores his unique understanding and recognition of creation, form, alternative media, alternative methods, and space-time.
Liang Yuanwei's Studio

Liang Yuanwei’s Studio

A young artist as she is, she is concerned about the wiring points of happiness and repression in our daily life with the use of linguistic semiotics in her photography, paintings and installations. Most of her work focuses on privacy, communication among people, personal feelings and the consequent affection that they bring. What's special about...
The Studio of Wang Shaojun--Video

The Studio of Wang Shaojun–Video

As a renowned Chinese sculptor, Wang Shaojun had won the first prize of a Beijing exhibition of sports sculptures in his collaboration with Wu Guojun and their sculpture has been the part of the International Olympic Committee's collections since 1995.
Liu Jin'an Studio--Video

Liu Jin’an Studio–Video

As a professor and graduated supervisor of fine arts in the Captial Normal University, Beijing, Liu Jin'an is universally acknowledged as one of the great contemporay masters of Chinese ink and wash painting.
Short Documentary of Xiang Jing's "Will Things Ever Get Better?"--Video

Short Documentary of Xiang Jing’s “Will Things Ever Get Better?”–Video

"This world brings me great pain, and I don’t think I can use what I have now to help the future of the world. Sometimes, art seems like a utopian dream world, where each artist rushes to successfully erect a new world before the old one collapses."
Chen Wenling Studio--Photo Gallery

Chen Wenling Studio–Photo Gallery

Recognized as one of the top contemporary sculptors in China today, Chen Wenling has participated in a number of prestigious exhibitions home and abroad. Chen Wenling Studio is located in the northeast corner of Beijing, Red Square Art District (Eastern Sun River Station) which covers an area of two thousand and three hundred square meters....
Tang Keyang's Studio

Tang Keyang’s Studio

Tang Keyang is a curator and architectural designer based in New York and Beijing. His studio is committed to making a unique blend of art and architectural practices that is multidisciplinary by its methodology and visionary by its goal.
Liu Qinghe's Studio

Liu Qinghe’s Studio

Generally acknowledged as a contemporary master of ink and wash painting, Liu Qinghe is renowned for challenging the boundaries of this traditional medium to portray today's realities. The bulk of his figurative works over the years depicts everyday people, his family, his friends, and those he has imaged. All of his figures are placed in...
Chen Shuxia's Studio--Video

Chen Shuxia’s Studio–Video

Xi Chuan who works as a journalist for Art Intern once commented in an article published in 2008 that if there were one word to describe Chen Shuxia’s paintings, it would be “poetic.” Actually, she makes this word self-update to accommodate her paintings. Viewers feel something beautiful, quiet, self-sufficient and free as they view...
Yang Maoyuan's Studio

Yang Maoyuan’s Studio

Developing an instant affinity for art since his youth, Yang Maoyuan enrolled and graduated from the Print Department, Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing in 1989. He currently lives and works in Beijing now. Yang Maoyuan’s studio is at the Tailing Village in the Ming Tombs area, Changping (north of the city of Beijing)....
The Studio of Miao Xiaochun

The Studio of Miao Xiaochun

The world of Miao Xiaochun is a virtual one – a world wholly generated on a computer. It confronts the viewer with a smooth, perfect world full of riddles, wonders, secrets, and a coloristic subtlety in every way equal to the persuasive powers of the old masters. Indeed the attraction of his photographic works and...