CAFA ART INFO is an artistic organization, closely related to the Central Academy of Fine Arts, which aims to promote domestic artists and communications on an international level.
CAFA ART INFO hopes to provide a platform where artists as well as art lovers can enjoy and appreciate contemporary art.

Qu Guangci's Studio

Qu Guangci’s Studio

Through parody,Qu Guangci implants his works within an historical, artistic or factual context. In this sense, these sculptures are by no means groundless creations. They always purposely signify something and respond to past history, memory and even reality. They always stretch their tentacles into the living history so that they can escape the rootless state...
Li Di's German Studio

Li Di’s German Studio

Born in China in 1963, Li Di graduated from the Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing. He now lives and works in Braunschweig and Beijing. Here is a brief introduction to his German Studio. As an intuitive and quick-witted painter with a keen intellect, Li Di has a persistent and firm belief in painting. ...
Cai Zhisong's Studio

Cai Zhisong’s Studio

Like most people, I was constantly admonished to “establish far-reaching ambitions”, “realize my self value” and “struggle to change my destiny” since I was a child. Full of fantasies about the future, I tirelessly strived for these goals. I had faith that all of my efforts would be rewarded one day. n a time of...