CAFA ART INFO is an artistic organization, closely related to the Central Academy of Fine Arts, which aims to promote domestic artists and communications on an international level.
CAFA ART INFO hopes to provide a platform where artists as well as art lovers can enjoy and appreciate contemporary art.

New Year Press Banquet of CAFA ART INFO on January 4th, 2012

New Year Press Banquet of CAFA ART INFO on January 4th, 2012

At the beginning of 2012, it’s my honor on behalf of CAFA ART INFO to extend our sincere thanks to all of our friends that have been involved.There’s no doubt that 2012 will bring even more change and more outstanding exhibitions of Chinese contemporary art to our website. We have the courage to believe...

Hi, everyone! Welcome to CAFA ART INFO!

Thank you very much for your interest in CAFA ART INFO. Presently we are still working around the clock to make improvements in content, design and service. It’s very exciting that artist Xu Bing has presented our logo in his Square Word Calligraphy which is a form of writing designed by him that appears Chinese, but is...
We Were There with Bob Dylan at Workers' Stadium in Beijing

We Were There with Bob Dylan at Workers’ Stadium in Beijing

It's commonly known that you just could not predict a Dylan concert but we had to be there with Bob Dylan since we loved his songs and this long-awaited concert in China marked his 50 years on the performance stage. This Wednesday night on April 6, 2011 would be a memorable one for all members...