11 View of the media salon

On the afternoon of May 7, 2015, hosted by the Propaganda Department, CAFA, the media salon for the Graduate Exhibition was held at CAFAM CAFÉ. Gao Hong, Party Secretary of CAFA, Su Xinping, Vice President of CAFA, Chen Qi, Director of Postgraduate Division of CAFA, Wang Huangsheng, Director of CAFA Art Museum, as well as representatives of the tutors, Prof. Li Yang, Prof. Wang Huaxiang, Prof. Song Xiewei, Prof. Lv Pinjing, and Prof. Ma Juncheng attended the media salon and spoke. More than a dozen media representatives including the People’s Daily, China Daily, Beijing Times, Art Magazine, China Culture Daily, Beijing News, CAFA ART INFO, Art China, Artron.net attended the media salon.

On this occasion, the 2015 CAFA Graduate Exhibition for Postgraduate students is on show at CAFA Art Museum, it launched a media salon in order to help the media further understand the teaching of CAFA, especially the teaching achievement of postgraduate students and looked forward to increasing the public awareness and participation in the art with the help of the publicity by the media.

The Graduate Exhibition for Postgraduate students showcases over 400 works by 320 postgraduate and PhD. Candidates (dissertations from the School of Humanities are not available for the exhibition), including specialisms in Chinese traditional painting, oil paintings, prints, sculpture, experimental art, design, architecture, film and television production, etc. It completely reflects the educational and creative achievements of postgraduate study in the past three years.

The tradition of the times and contemporary pursuit: Gao Hong, Party Secretary of CAFA congratulated the success of the graduate exhibition of postgraduate students, he said the graduate exhibition presented a diversified exploration and rich expressive style by the students, embodied the pursuit and the vision of young artistsand the all-round display of the teaching achievements and features of knowledge.

There is a cultivation of independent thinking and spirit: Vice President Su Xinping briefly introduced the whole situation of the graduate exhibition for the postgraduate students display to the media. Su Xinping said that, the education for postgraduate students placed more emphasis on the cultivation of students’ independent thinking which was different from the education of undergraduate students. At the same time, the works which were displayed by each department, focused more on the application of the experimental, cross media and use of multimaterials offering a more profound and diversified thinking of language.

Cross-media trial and academy attention: Chen Qi, Director of Postgraduate Division of CAFA said that from the perspective of the graduate exhibition for postgraduate students we could see that the students made efforts to use cross-media, so the overall quality of the work had improved, in addition, the academy attached great importance to the graduate exhibition for postgraduate students, school leaders, teachers and students and even the art museum, the media vigorously supported and cooperated with the graduate exhibition for postgraduate students.

At present, the cultivation model for the postgraduate students of CAFA is gradually transferred to a professional mode from the previous single academic mode, except for the School of Humanities, part of the specialism of the School of Architecture, as well as the theoretical direction of the School of Design, the training of postgraduate students of the School of Plastic Arts, School of Traditional Chinese Painting, School of Experimental Art, School of Design, School of Urban Design basically turns to the professional mode. The change of cultivation gives birth to a new type of teaching mode and the “postgraduate exhibition” offers  a variety of living cases.

Text by Yu Ya, Photo by Xu Fan/CAFA ART INFO

Translated by Chen Peihua and edited by Sue/CAFA ART INFO

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