07 Honored guests visited the exhibition

On March 16, 2016, sponsored by the School of Graduate, CAFA, “Crossing the Border: The 2nd CAFA Young Talent Residency Project Medium-Term Works Exhibition” opened at the ZHC Art Center in Caochangdi Art District, it is the medium-term exhibition of the 2nd CAFA one-year young talent residency project, to showcase their latest creative achievements, presenting their outstanding creative abilities, reflecting a continuation and breakthrough of the young artists thinking of the graduation creation, Party Secretary of CAFA Gao Hong, Vice President of CAFA Su Xinping, Executive Vice President of the CAFA School of Graduate Chen Qi, General Manager of Beijing ZHC Cultural Development Co., Ltd Wen Quan attended the opening ceremony and visited the exhibition.

CAFA Young Talent Residency Project is a new exploration of high-end art talent training by CAFA, and it aims at through the one-year support of excellent graduate student, to change excellent students to excellent artists, building a bridge connecting the academy and the society. Since the project was founded in 2014, a lot of graduates from the academy have been involved, and many outstanding works are focused by art organizations on this platform, and many young artists start their art dreams from this platform.

Party Secretary Gao Hong said at the opening ceremony that, CAFA Art Museum was determined to cultivate excellent art talents, the academy hoped the students able to become outstanding artists after the end of their studies, so that CAFA attached great importance to the youth talent residency program. In addition, because CAFA worried that the art road of students was tough when they left the academy to face the complex social environment, it built the platform to help students grow up, made them able to more smoothly set up the personal art road. When he visited the exhibition, he was pleased to find young talentshad started the road of art exploration, which was very precious. Gao Hong hoped the young talents could cherish the accumulation of the academy, constantly setting up ideals and advancing bravely.

Vice President of CAFA Su Xinping was also very happy to see different appearances of work compared with the graduation creation, which met his expection when he was on the way to the show, he told the young artists that, it was necessary for one good work of art including three characteristics: difficulty, uniqueness and integrity of creation, which was also the direction for the young artists to strive for. Su Xinping also said that, as a student, his/her main task was learning, the so-called learning was the heritage, to learn predecessors’ ways and skills, once graduated from the school, if you want to become a great artist, it required an independent thinking and practice, and gradually entered his/her unique artistic state.

The exhibition is themed “Crossing the Border”, both including a reality characteristic of the project itself, and the contemporary deconstruction and extension of the traditional “framework” art history. Observed from the project itself, the participating artists come from CAFA, with various professional backgrounds, and it is a multimedia platform, different specialty, techniques, ideas bursting different inspirations, to find the own artistic standpoint in the mutual melting references. At the same time, seen from the clue of fine art developing art, the history of art is a history of the painting “framework” being constantly broken, disassembled and eliminated. Artistic frame and boundary become less important, and it is even beyond some kind of system, when the crossing of medium gradually becomes the normality, the boundaries between arts gradually fade out in the contemporary art world, it gradually requires the contemporary artist with a cross-media background. “Crossing the Border” is as an attitude, to indicate the position of “CAFA Young Talent Residency Project”. The exhibition continues to April 2.

Text and photo by Zhang Wenzhi, translated by Chen Peihua and edited by Sue/CAFA ART INFO

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