Poster of Demolished Pavilion

FENG Feng, an internationally recognized artist, is a poet and a romantic who uses his brush to articulate personal struggles and comment on the state of affairs in modern society. His paintings shillfully blend Chinese historical reference with modern abstrace painting and create a strong link between the past, present and future. His latest installation titled “Demolished Pavilion” is presented by Mizuma & One Gallery  from October 29 through Nov 27, 2011.

Boundless time changes the past and present, and cultivates the complicated, lively yet contradictory non-material world. There are numerous formulated and unformulated spaces where the spirit of the artist grows within. FENG Feng is floating in between such a world. The pulse of art is still ticking, recording and sensing. Installation “Demolished Pavilion” is a manifestation of such an artistic spirit. Regardless its time and space, the fear, lonely and uneasy sentiment have been played out warning us the aspect of sensible yet wordless pessimistic tragic moment.

Li Xianting and FENG Feng were dicussing the details of Demolished Pavilion

Curator Li Xianting and FENG Feng were dicussing the details of Demolished Pavilion.

No.1(Series,Demolished Pavilion)

No.1(Series,Demolished Pavilion)

No.2(Series, Demolished Pavilion)

No.2(Series, Demolished Pavilion)

No.3(Series, Demolished Pavilion)

No.3(Series, Demolished Pavilion)


Born in 1958 Shenyang, China

1981 Graduated from Tianjing University

1995 Establish Bei Gao Studio

2003 Graduated in Masters, painting Masterial Language in Central Academy of Fine Art

2006 Establish the studio in Songzhuang

About the Exhibition

Date: Oct 29, 2011 – Nov 27, 2011

Opening: Oct 29, 2011, 16:00, Saturday

Venue: Mizuma and One Gallery (Beijing, China)

Curator: Li Xianting







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