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On the evening of November 9, 2015, the launch ceremony of the Future Design Lab, which is a social design organization of innovations jointly initiated by the School of Design, CAFA, the Climate Group and BAIC BJEV were grandly held in Beijing, the leaders from the three aspects, the media and guests from all walks of life were present at the ceremony and witnessed this exciting moment. At the launch ceremony, President of the Greater China Climate Group Wu Changhua, Dean of the School of Design, CAFA Wang Min and General Manager of BAIC BJEV Zheng Gang gave a speech, to interpret the design innovation and exploration of the future from different perspectives.

The Future Design Lab is a social design innovation organization jointly initiated, organized and operated by the School of Design, CAFA, the Climate Group and BAIC BJEV. The lab aims to help everyone to create valuable opportunities for the ecology, environment and resources, imaging a beautiful future life, to promote and practice the “green design”, through the latitude of automobiles – traffic – city to create a “pure benefit” to ecology, the environment and resources, committed to using “Design, to Create the Future We Want”. It aims at focusing on the public consciousness, design exploration, talent training, resource integration, etc., using innovative operative ideas and practice for the creation and exploration of design, bringing people more net benefits.

In the activities, leaders from the three sponsors gave a speech to interpret the innovation and exploration of the future design from different perspectives. President of the Greater China Climate Group Wu Changhua took “China Re-Design” as the theme, starting from the situation of the climate environment influenced by humans, to advocate the use of “re-design” to awaken the environmental protection of humans. Dean Wang Min, who comes from the authoritative professional design institution, recalled the evolution of history from the first industrial revolution to the current industrial 4.0, he expounded the driving force of design as innovation, bringing real value to the change for the future. Finally, General Manager of BAIC BJEV Zheng Gang started from the traffic to talk about the effects and changes for future life brought by design innovations, realizing more ideal dreams of human transportation, from the perspective of its products and services.

In addition, the event also showcases many imaginative design works of automobiles, created by the students from the School of Design, CAFA, which attracted a lot of guests. In the interactive experience area, the handmade talents also brought handicrafts recreated from recycled materials and abandoned parts, and the ideas of the transformation of old things were consistently approved by everyone.

Text and photo by the School of Design/CAFA

Translated by Chen Peihua and edited by Sue/CAFA ART INFO

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