Poster of Dialogue

The “Dialogue” Art exhibition demonstrates the artistic discourses between artists Li Jikai, Chen Bo and Zhou Wenzhong. This group of artists was all born in the 1970’s and were children caught amongst the expanding consumer culture and Chinese growth. Divided into four segments, the show creates a conversation between the artists as they comment on the changes they faced as young people in a new and different world.

Having grown up in the same time period; painter Li Jikai and invited friends Chen Bo and Zhou Wenzhong have a mutual understanding of the highs and lows associated with a time period known as “The Confused Era”. Their ability to relate to and communicate through art correlates with the“Dialogue” that is carried throughout this exhibition.

Li Jikai

Capturing the innate innocence of childhood, Li Jikai works to create a unique view of the world. His works centers around a young boy-like doll living in a world that he struggles to understand as it changes rapidly. Although each painting is different, the overarching theme remains the same; examining the insignificant progresses change has made throughout the country’s economic and cultural worlds.

Chen Bo

Chen Bo continues the dialogue with his works that show an interesting and somewhat confusing perspective on his childhood and life. The continuous use of blacks and grays.

Zhou Wenzhong

Zhou Wenzhong’s works stir up feeling of uneasiness. The strangers in the works become something to fear without knowing why. Their presence is not explained and they are surrounded by mostly empty backgrounds, but despite their vague surroundings the intent is very clear. The figures faces are either hidden or created to be very dark and piercing. The paint is applied heavily and deliberately creating figures that emerge from the canvas in a way that almost feels threatening. Despite the haunting feeling of these works, the colors are not only blacks and greys, but incorporate brighter blues, purples and oranges. Although these are generally colors associated with a lighter feeling they become part of the darker, haunting message.

About the exhibition

Date: June 1 – June 30, 2016

Organizer: Je Fine Art Gallery

Venue: China Everbright Bank Private Banking Club

Courtesy of the aritsts and Je Fine Art Gallery.

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