End of Spring - Ying Ji Solo Exhibition

Ying Ji’s works focus on two things, simplicity and merge. Simplicity is the center focus of photography, where the artist needs condense all her emotions, creative ideas, and different artistic elements into a two dimensional, in Ying Ji case, mostly black and white image. This simplicity is a great constraint but at the same time offers fantastic amount of freedom for creativity. In terms of merge, she often merges elements of music, poems, paining, and installation into her creative process. She may start with an idea that she discovers in poem or music. She then expresses the idea by painting, making installations, and eventually capturing the image using tools and instruments afforded by photography. In summary, it is a process starts from simplicity then evolves into complexity, eventually returns to simplicity.

Ying Ji’s creative drive mainly comes from her past memories and her present emotions. In both cases, death has been an important subject. To her, death often comes together with hope. The end of something often means the birth of something new. The same is true with photography. When she prepares for a photo shoot, she merges ideas from poems and emotions into the installations and shooting set arrangements. When she presses the shutter to capture the photo, there is a sense of ending or death of these arrangements. At the same time, a new meaning or life is born within the photo. To her, this is the eternal enigma of photography that attracts her forever.

About the exhibition

Duration: Dec 13, 2014 – Jan 24, 2015

Opening: Dec 13, 2014, 16:00, Saturday

Venue: Jiali Gallery

Courtesy of the artist and Jiali Gallery, for further information please visit www.jialigallery.com.

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