Zhan Wang’s solo exhibition “The Invisible” will kick off at Eslite Gallery on Jan. 12 and it run until Feb. 17. It will feature over 20 representative works that Zhan Wang made between 1994 and 2017. “Zhan Wang: The Invisible” is an extension of his major retrospective featured at the Long Museum in Shanghai in 2017. It bring works from the artist’s many significant series together in Taiwan for the first time, including Mao Suit, Heart, Concealed Rock, and Forms in Flux.

Mao Suit was one of Zhan Wang’s earliest artistic attempts. Made in 1994, it consists of upholstered mannequins and the struggling of frozen motions that contrast with the vacuous core. Also, it serves as an analogy for the conditions of contemporary society and culture. In the video work “Heart,” Zhan pointed a laser beam onto his stainless steel work “Imprinting Terrain” and reflected the light onto the wall in front of him to create a configuration of kaleidoscopic images as the light throbbed with his own pulsating heart. This work marked a transformative direction for Zhan in 2009, as he was inspired by the relationship between the natural and the spiritual worlds.

A newly presented “Forms in Flux” series deploys algorithms derived from the study of fluid dynamics, 3D printing along with the tinkering of stainless steel, which brings to life imaginative scenario of the artist throwing himself into lava. The result is a fluid form of his granulated, morphed self. Nine years have passed since Zhan Wang’s last exhibition “Reflection” which was held at Eslite Gallery. The new exhibition, “Zhan Wang: The Invisible,” is a comprehensive overview of Zhan’s seminal works from different periods over the last two decades.

By bringing together a diverse range of works, this exhibition seeks to reveal the boundless style that characterizes Zhan Wang’s oeuvre and his constant exploration and contemplation of the outer and inner worlds using various mediums.

About the exhibition

Dates: Jan 12, 2019 – Feb 17, 2019

Opening: Jan 12, 2019, 15:00

Venue: Eslite Gallery

Courtesy of the artist and Eslite Gallery, for more information please visit

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