00 Poster of Case Study Series I of Painters from Chinese Academy of Oil Painting—Yury Kalyuta ( Юрий карты )and His Students

Sponsored by the Chinese Academy of Oil Painting and the Jialong Group, the academic exhibition “Case Study Series I of Painters from Chinese Academy of Oil Painting—Yury Kalyuta ( Юрий карты )and His Students” is going to be inaugurated at the Art Museum of Chinese Academy of Oil Painting on September 8.

Yury Kalyuta graduated from Odessa Grekov Art School in 1977, after that he studied at Leningrad Repin Academy of Fine Arts from 1983 under the instruction of master Melnicov. He is currently a professor at the Repin Academy of Fine Arts, an academic of the Russian Academy of Arts, Director of the Kalyuta studio of Repin Academy of Fine Arts and an artist who won the honorable title of “Enterprise Artist”. The exhibition will display more than 120 works of Kalyuta and his four students.

Yury Kalyuta is a Russian contemporary painter who has made outstanding achievements. In his creating process, he attaches importance to representing fortuity, randomness and substantive images, endowing the painting language with a quick rhythm sensation. He is adept at using fractional impressions while emphasizing the wholeness among the debris-like combinations of dots, lines, blocks and planes. The combinations contain a rhythm of lines and colors, moreover, the rigorous sketch structure and harmonious color relationships throughout them look so vivid. Russian paintings have always emphasized the tradition of description. Kalyuta loves China as well as the traditional Chinese culture and art. He feels his efforts are coincidental with the aesthetic pursuit of Chinese enjoyable, symbolic language, thus he has also striven to absorb nutrients from Chinese art.


Quoted from “Descriptiveness, Vividness and Rhythm Sensation –Reading Yury Kalyuta’s Paintings”(abstracted)

by Shao Dazhen, Professor of the Central Academy of Fine Arts, Director of the fine Arts Research Institute


“Freehand brushwork ” is an important concept of Chinese painting aesthetics, but it does not exclusively belong to China, it should be an indispensable aesthetics spirit of human painting. The smooth walking of an ink brush on rice paper highlights the liberal style of Chinese ink painting while the laborious walking of an oil paint brush on the canvas overshadows the liberal style of European and Russian paintings. Actually, both of them contain rich possibilities of a liberal style, and the possibilities of oil painting have not yet been fully developed. There’s no doubt that Kalyuta’s connection with China has contributed to his pioneering development in the liberal style of oil painting.


Quoted from “Free Imagination and Freehand Brushwork in the Field of Oil Painting” by Wang Zhong,

 Vice-director of Chinese Artists Association Theory Committee, Pre-editor of the magazine

“Art” affiliated to Chinese Artists Association and Honorary Professor of Russian Repin Academy of Fine Arts

Yury Kalyuta is one of the most talented painters of academia. There are many students who deserve his cherishing nature in Russia and China, which has been fully demonstrated by the exhibition held in Beijing as well as in the main hall of the National Museum. His own talents in the kingdom of art are surprisingly delicate.

by ShelMiuen Mikhailovsky, President of the School of Art,  Saint Petersburg, Russia

About the exhibition

Exhibition Dates: September 8, 2012 -September 17, 2012

Venue: the Art Museum of Chinese Academy of Oil Painting

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