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The body may be understood as the “receiver” of signals from the outside world: the senses are organs which are stimulated by external things that include eyes, ears, nose, tongue, and flesh. We employ all the senses to get in touch with our complex and multiplicitous surrounding world. Within this space, there are objects rooted in reality or conceived in our minds: a human body, a city, a continent, a thought. In addition to the senses, many people even believe in “super sensory perception,” which encapsulates electrocardiography, inspiration, remote vision, and foresight. Research related to these sense signals from both the past and the future of basic human behaviours are closely related to everyone.

Consciousness calculates and processes signals in a neural network. Though confronted with the same circumstances, each individual produces different feelings—the disparate result of differences within individual consciousness being decoded by different arithmetic methods. This creates “causality,” as a means to enrich the native world, and once again act on the senses, by building an infinite circulatory system located between “sense” and “knowing.” Today, as network and mobile devices are fully integrated into our everyday lives, technology has become another important sensory mode which processes information, expanding the way our circulatory cognitive system sends and receives messages.

On 30th August, hosted by the China World Mall and Forun Art, the exhibition “Depths of Experience: New Media and Installation Art” was unveiled in the New District of China World Mall. By featuring eight emerging contemporary artists and their multimedia artworks, this exhibition would like to challenge the stereotype model of immersive displays in shopping malls and commercial complexes. Curator Chen Yufeng motioned that he would like to awaken visitors’ active and creative thinking through this innovative and multidimensional exhibition.

This exhibition includes the work of eight contemporary Chinese artists, all of them research global values along with their own personal life experiences. Emerging from varied creative practices that resulted in prior works, each has employed individual “perception” as a starting point in the creation of a new body of work exhibited in this space. Through the language of new media and installation art, the exhibition engages in an in-depth discussion about the depths of experience in relationship to light and shadow, dreams, environment, memory, distance, body, time and space, and materials.

The exhibition remains open till the 30th October 2019.

About the Exhibition:

Duration: 2019.8.30—2019.10.30

Venue: SL1030, South District of China World Mall, No.1 Jianguomen, Chaoyang District, Beijing

Art Consultant: Jin Jun

Curator: Chen Yufeng

Artists: Wan Duoyun, Ouyang Sulong, Zhang Xizhong, Tian Xiaolei, Zhang Ying, Wang Man, Ge Yajing, Zhang Jiaxing,

Host:  The China World Mall

Exhibition Undertaken by: Forun Art

Exhibition co-operation undertaken by: Brand Head

Edit by Emily Weimeng Zhou

Courtesy of the organizer

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