Title: Brown

Director/Producer: Song Haina

Type of Creation: Experimental Film

Year: 2009

Description: fragmentation; dislocation; “flying” in the dark; light; shadow; flowers; ashes; offerings; drip…and something more. This film entitled Brown self-experiences the confused conversion of this illusion.

Song Haina

Song Haina


Song Haina graduated from the Central Academy of Fine Arts in June, 2011.

Award-winning Exhibitions and Work Experience:

2011 She works as the sound engineer of documentary On Watch in May;

           Her graduation work named Heaven •Earth was awarded the second prize of Academy Award Graduation;

2010 Her experimental film—Void Water has attended the Yangebai International Arts Festival in August and

           it also participated in the China Video Art   Exhibition 2010.

2009 She worked as the clip assistant of the documentary—Around the Mountain and the Forest;

2008 Her experimental film entitled The Residual Position won the second prize in the 2008-2009 outstanding

            works exhibition of the undergraduates at the  Central Academy of Fine Arts;

2007 Her graphic Color Design won the second prize in the 2007-2008 outstanding works exhibition of the

            undergraduates at the Central Academy of Fine Arts;

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