00 View of the press conference - Exploring Future Lifestyles: The Press Conference hosted by China House Vision

It is the first time for the House Vision project to land in China. China House Vision is a platform in which Chinese society and modes of housing are reflected on and designed. It first attempts to integrate into the architectural, design, technology and manufacturing which started with practical problems existing in Chinese modern life and living environments, combining the individual wisdom with modern technology, to deeply reflect on the possibilities for the future living environment, exploring the ideal form of the future community and living style.

The founder of House Vision and the chief planner of China House Vision, Kenya Hara, shared with the participants the basic concepts of the project at the press conference. It is dedicated to the promotion of “New Common Sense for Future Housing”, and it gathers architects and companies that work together to build a future house. He said that the exhibition was not restricted to a show of residential buildings. Residential houses contained the daily life of people, and people were also enlightened by the house. It was an intersection of many fields.

So far, Kenya Hara has held two shows of House Vision in Tokyo. As early as 2011, he started the related activities of House Vision in China. The exhibition hopes to take “house” as a medium, to think of the future lifestyle and the direction of the development of the world. He said “house” was the thing that people could easily understand, and it was a mirror that simplified complex issues. House Vision is an experimental project where architects and companies work together to reflect on what the “house” should be, and attempt to concrete it for the future.

Themed on “New Gravity”, “House Vision 2018 Beijing Exhibition” hopes that the thinking of this exhibition will play an important role in the development of the Chinese living environment in the future. It continues to present models as big as the real items in order to offer inspiration. It brings together the outstanding designers and powerful companies who will exhibit residential forms that we have never seen before.

The grand show invited the world-famous architect Kengo Kuma to design the entire space structure and to plan the exhibition space of 20,000 square meters. He communicated with participants at the press conference by video and said China was constantly pursuing new lifestyles, new forms of consumption, and leading the world. Starting from his own experience of working in China over many years, he has learned that China is pursuing a new vitality and vigorous things. And House Vision is a perfect show as it is within the form of “house”. He said that hosted by Kenya Hara China House Vision was a symbol of Chinese vitality that would lead the world. In the end, Kengo Kuma expressed his thoughts on this event. It would not only greatly influence China, but also communicate important information with the world. The form of House Vision will overturn the modes of housing, the life and the ideal material state of items in the house which were created in the 20th century.

Since it was officially launched in 2015, China House Vision has become a cross-industry innovation platform that focuses on future Chinese residences. This exhibition will bring together 10 well-known Chinese and foreign architects or teams, who work together with 10 companies to create an ideal “future house”. The 10 groups of designers and companies include: Haier and FCJZ, aranya and Dashe, Envision and Jamy Yang, Xiaomi and Li Hu | open, Huari and Shuhei Aoyama, Youzhu and Nippon Design Center, Muji and Go Hasegawa, TCL and CROSSBOUNDARIES, Hanergy and MAD Architects, and MINI. At the press conference, representatives of companies and designers introduced the concepts and ideas of pavilions one by one, and introduced the source of inspiration and origins of designs.

Text edited by Zhang Wenzhi, translated by Chen Peihua and edited by Sue/CAFA ART INFO

Photo courtesy of the organizer

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