01 Poster of Fengmian’s 100 Years–Lin Fengmian’s Life Show

It was the 87th anniversary of the founding of China Academy of Art (CAA) on April 9, 2015, the opened at MCACAA on the morning of the same day, the exhibition aims to commemorate Lin Fengmian, the first principal of China Academy of Art.

The exhibition is jointly hosted by China Academy of Art and Guangdong Weihua Group, featuring a total of more than 40 works covering traditional Chinese painting, oil painting, sculpture, part of the academic power of the China Academy of Art and the painters and sculptors from the art circles all participated into the thematic creation, to showcase the academic context of CAA which is carried forward by generations, sincerely and deeply in memory of Lin Fengmian.

Lin Fengmian (1900-1991), born in Mei County, Guangdong Province, the first principal of China Academy of Art, an influential artist and art educator of the 20th century. Lin Fengmian advocated to “reconcile Chinese and Western arts”, influenced by Cai Yuanpei’s thought of “aesthetic education instead of religion”, advocating the new art movement, also he was engaged over the long term in art education and creative practice, he founded the National Academy of Art (now called the China Academy of Art) in 1928, becoming its first principal.

In honor of Lin Fengmian, the China Academy of Art and Guangdong Weihua Group jointly carried out a series of activities, including the establishment of the Lin Fengmian Scholarship, the preparation of Lin Fengmian Art Museum, etc., in addition, Fengmian’s 100 Years–Lin Fengmian Thematic Art Creation Program is also part of the through the display of art work to vividly and intuitively present Lin Fengmian passionately involved in pioneering work in art all his life, with unusual achievements.

The exhibition continues to April 18. In addition, an on-site introduction event for the exhibition is also held, presided over by Professor Yang Hualin, the expert on the study of Lin Fengmian from CAA on the afternoon of April 10.

About the Exhibition

Fengmian’s 100 Years–Lin Fengmian’s Life Show

Duration: April 9 – April 18, 2015


Hosts: China Academy of Art, Guangdong Weihua Group

Organizer: MCACAA

Opening Ceremony: at 9:30 am on April 9, 2015

Creative Symposium: at 10:00 am on April 9

Courtesy of the artist and MCACAA, translated by Chen Peihua and edited by Sue/CAFA ART INFO.

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