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At 4 pm on November 11, 2015, “Coexistence” – the 4th CAFA Exhibition of Works by Postgraduates from CAFA grandly opened at Yan Huang Art Museum. It is jointly hosted by the CAFA Committee of the Communist Youth League, Yan Huang Art Museum and the Postgraduate Union of CAFA, co-organized by the Exhibition Department of the Postgraduate Union of CAFA and Beijing Yi Pai Ke Electronic Commerce Co., Ltd. A total of 150 works are on show in the exhibition, covering Chinese calligraphy, Chinese painting, oil painting, printmaking, sculpture, mixed media, installation, photography, design, and other art categories.

The leaders and guests that attended the opening ceremony included Deputy Party Secretary of CAFA Sun Hongpei, Deputy Party Secretary of Hubei Institute of Fine Arts Lu Bin, Minister of Propaganda Department of CAFA Qin Jianping, Head of the Department of Student Work Guo Li, Party Secretary of Communist Youth League and Deputy Head of the Department of Student Work Shi Wenjie, Party Secretary and Deputy Dean of the School of Plastic Arts of CAFA Wang Yingsheng, Director of Yan Huang Art Museum Cui Xiaodong, Chairman of Yipaike network Zhu Yang, etc. Curator of “Coexistence” exhibition Qin Jianv served as the host of the opening ceremony.

Sun Hongpei addressed the opening ceremony and said the teaching at CAFA emphasized the training of basic skills, and at the same time it offered the students a free and open space. Exhibition of Works by Postgraduates built a broader platform for the students, to present the academic pursuit of the postgraduates of CAFA. Cui Xiaodong said that Yan Huang Art Museum was trying to offer young artists more opportunities to show their works, to build a better environment for their growth. Zhu Yang said that the award setting was not only intended to commend the outstanding innovative artists, it also encouraged more young artists to create more excellent works, and he hoped to arouse more audiences to participate in it for a comprehensive evaluation.

The request for contributions started in August 2015 and continued to October, gathering a total of more than 220 students to submit work, the exhibition selection specially invited the jury composed of the professors and associate professors from the faculties, to vote for the works, and 150 were selected from more than 400 contributions for the exhibition. It showcases the technical ability and exploration of the creations of the postgraduates who are studying in CAFA, this promotes the communication between postgraduates and the social mass.

“Coexistence” is the 4th Exhibition of Works by Postgraduates from CAFA, starting from “Counterpoint” the First Exhibition of Works by Postgraduates from CAFA in 2012, the 2nd exhibition “Experimental Field”, the 3rd exhibition “Resonance” in 2014. Exhibition of Works by Postgraduates from CAFA aims to offer the postgraduates and PhD candidates the opportunity to display their latest creations, and create a communication and interactive platform for art lovers.

On the basis of the former three exhibitions, the exhibition of this year does not only launch relative academic discussions and lectures, it also offers special awards and is involved in internet commerce. The sponsor Beijing Yi Pai Ke Electronic Commerce Co., Ltd. set up the “Future Master Prize”, containing one Gold Prize (RMB 10,000), two Silver Prizes (RMB 8,000), three Bronze Prizes (RMB 5,000) and five Favorite Prizes (RMB 1,000-5,000).

Voting channel: http://epek.com.cn/category.php?id=28

The exhibition continues to November 20, 2015.

Text and photo by Ye Yuanfeng, translated by Chen Peihua and edited by Sue/CAFA ART INFO.

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