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Since the major exhibition of Li Di “Running in Heart” was successfully held at Today Art Museum, Beijing in April, 2011, Li Di has continued his quest for the inner spiritual senses and he created a series of new works in just over a year. His artistic exploration of art in recent years is going to be presented by Ningbo Museum of Art from August 17th, 2012.

From consulting with contemporary history, we can find that his work “Years Full of Thoughts” created in the 1980s has injected a fresh breath into the artistic atmosphere with his philosophical language, symbolic forms and concise content. Then he left the country and went to Germany to pursue further study. While he stayed abroad, he focused not only on the various factions of European Modern Art especially the Neo-Expressionism and emerging Fauvism at that time, but he also tried to explore a new form of painting with a traditional oriental significance. He defines painting as follows: a medium to convey a personal spirit, an expression of one’s psychological intention and a means of recording one’s personal path. Since the beginning of the new century, he frequently travelled between Germany and China and his creations have become closer to the reality of China. His sensitive wise talent has been acclaimed by artists.

“Li Di’s recent creations will no longer take Neo-Expressionism as his exclusive mantle but as he was inspired by the contingency of Chinese Zen Painting, he dissociates the figures from the narrative and replaces the narrative with the abstract. ” said Huang Du, is the renowned curator and academic director of this exhibition. “His painting is not a didactic illustration but a poetic interpretation of the anxious, confused and painful state of the mind among contemporary people. Li Di’s paintings are a kind of passionate and romantic art, the refuge of self-spirit, leaving us contemplation and meditation!”

About the Exhibition

Dates: August 17th – August 28th

Venue: Ningbo Museum of Art


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