12 Group Photo of Honored Guests at the opening ceremony

Curated by Victoria Lu, Future Pass features a total of 180 exhibit works by 130 artists/teams. The exhibition focusses on the theme of Animamix, illustrating the curator’s interpretation of the variety of the artists’ styles and the development of contemporary art in the 21st century. Organized around the dualities of East / West, Past / Future, Yin / Yang, Universe / Individual and Virtual / Real, this exhibition looks into the processes in which Asian contemporary arts, having been inspired by traditional art forms while at the same time significantly influenced by contemporary cultural forms such as anime or other forms of popular culture and intertwined with the social, political, economic, and cultural milieus in which the artwork is produced, develop new visual styles and languages that characterize the visual experience of our present century. It also demonstrates how the boundaries between the seemingly polarized pairs of concepts such as the Yin and the Yang or the feminine and the masculine have been transgressed in our time marked by increasing overlap of virtual and physical realities.

“Future Pass” explores the current trend of Asian contemporary art and anticipates its future development from a global perspective. The curator identifies four major features of contemporary Animamix: 1.) the pursuit of idealized youthful beauty; 2.) narrative images; 3.) splendid visual experiences and 4.) interdisciplinary production. These characteristics can be seen to suggest the increasingly diverse and hybrid nature of contemporary arts today, as contemporary artists – global citizens in today’s world of visual arts with sources of information and cultural enrichment spreading throughout the world– articulate their experience of dispersal and fragmentation using methods of collage, mimicry, repurposing and so forth. These novel and exciting forms of visual display illustrate the complexity of cultural diversity in this digital era marked by globalization and inclusion. Through the splendid visual feast, the curator hopes to explore the new aesthetics from a contemporary Asian point of view.

Digital computing has revolutionized our modes of perception. With the rise of digital culture, the aesthetic taste and modes of communication of a whole youthful generation are now shaped by digital images of vastly different and innovative visual styles which are rich in allegory, metaphors and humor. From all areas of everyday practice, we are now witnessing the arrival of a new aesthetic of virtuality. It is time to declare, “Contemporary art is going cloud.”

About the Curator

Victoria Lu is the first female art critic and curator in the Chinese contemporary art world. She was a founding member of the Board of Directors of the MoCA Taipei, was the first creative director of MoCA Shanghai. Victoria Lu acts as the Creative director of Today Art Museum, Beijing and professor at Shih Chien University in Taipei.

Her important publications include: Post-Modern Phenomena in Art, Public Art Gets Its Bearings, History of Taiwan Contemporary Women Artists and Post Post-Modern Art.

She has curated several groundbreaking exhibitions such as New Art, New Tribes, Taiwan Art in the Nineties, Visions of Pluralism: Contemporary Art in Taiwan 1988-1999, the Fiction.Love and Fiction@Love international traveling shows, the First and Second Envisage Biennial in Shanghai. She also founded the Animamix Biennial in 2007 at Shanghai MoCA.

Participating Artists:


Takashi MURAKAMI (Japan), YUAN Jai (Taiwan, China), FANG Lijun (China), Shinjiro OKAMOTO (Japan), SON Dong Hyun (Korea), YE Yongqing (China), LIU Dan (China), SEO (Korea), XU Lei (China), HONG Ling (China), LEE Sea Hyun (Korea), SANG Huoyao (China), YANG Mao Lin (Taiwan, China), LEE Dongi (Korea), Kaikai Kiki-Aya TAKANO (Japan), Mr. (Japan), Chiho AOSHIMA (Japan), ob (Japan), TEAMLAB (Japan), QIU Anxiong (China), Chinese Cubes-Rex HOW (Korea), HUANG Hsin Chien (Taiwan, China), Akibo (Taiwan) & Vicky LIANG


ZHANG Xiaogang (China), LIU Jianhua (China), ZHAN Wang (China), THUKRAL & TAGRA (India), WANG Mai (China), HUANG Zhi Yang (Taiwan, China), ZHANG Kai (China), Leonard PORTER (U.S.A.), QIU Jie (China), LI Hui (China)


Yayoi KUSAMA (Japan), XIANG Jing (China), Yoko TODA (Japan), Mika NINAGAWA (Japan), Rolf A. KLUENTER (Germany), YANG Na (China), Joyce HO (Taiwan, China) & Craig QUINTERO (U.S.A), MU Lei (China), Janice DEVALI (Netherlands), OUYANG Chun (China), QU Yi (China)


XU Bing (China), Yoshitomo NARA (Japan), Grimanesa AMOROS (Peru), Dieter JUNG (Germany), MIAO Xiaochun (China), YANG Fudong (China), Wolf KAHLEN(Germany), LIU Ye (China), Phunk Studio-Alvin TAN, Melvin CHEE, Jackson TAN, William CHAN (Singapore), Ay Tjoe Christine (Indonesia), Jimmy (Taiwan, China), YIN Zhaoyang (China), MAO Xuhui (China), KWON Kisoo (Korea), CHANG Chia Ying (Taiwan, China), WANG Fenghua (China), SUN Xun (China), YUAN Shun (China), CAO Fei (China), CAI Xiaosong (China), ZHAO Guanghui (China), Shy Gong (Taiwan, China)


Ward Walrath KIMBALL (U.S.A.), Gary BASEMAN (U.S.A.), Monochrom (Austria), LEE Hye Rim (Korea), Indieguerillas (Indonesia), Tomoko NAGAI (Japan), David CHAN (Singapore), CHOI Sang Ah (Korea), Chiharu NISHIZAWA (Japan), Lelya BORISENKO (Ukraine), Angelo VOLPE (Italy), Nathaniel LOR (U.S.A.), Mapi GIL (Spain), Hiroyuki MATSUURA  (Japan), Rieko SAKURAI (Japan), Eddie KANG (Korea), Han HOOGERBRUGGE (Netherlands), Olivier PAUWELS (Belgium), Inbal SHVED (Israel), PAN Dehai (China), Ashin (CHEN Hsin Hung) (Taiwan, Chi na), No2Good (CHEN Po Liang) (Taiwan, China), CHEN Zhiguang (China), KEA (Taiwan, China), Yee WANG (Taiwan, China), Natee UTARIT (Thailand, China), JIANG Heng (China), WU Rigen (China), HAN Yajuan (China), TANG Maohong (China), HSU Tang Wei (Taiwan, China), SU Wen Shan (Taiwan, China), 「Animamix.Net」-CHEN Fei & LUO Hui (China), YE Funa (China), TAO Na (China), LU Tingting (China), LIN Chin Hung (Taiwan, China), GAO Xiaowu (China), LUO Dan (China), XU Jia (China), LUO Zhenhong (China), SUN Dongxu (China), HE Zubin (China), Rae CHOU (Taiwan, China), Wow Bravo & Funky Rap (Taiwan, China). Stephany HSIAO (Taiwan, China), CHEN Zongguang (China), FU Kailai (China), Tess LIN (Taiwan, China), Victor XU Weina (China), YAN Shilin (China), CHEN Hongzhu (China), Pink HSU (Taiwan), WU Dinglong (China), ZHOU Xin (China), XU Qin (China), PENG Yun (China), MA Chun Fu (Taiwan, China), Leland LEE (Taiwan, China), WU Chang Jung (Taiwan, China), YEH Yi Li (Taiwan, China), Anderson (UK)& Low (Malaysia), Kristy CHU Cha Ray (Taiwan, China), Demis ALBERTACCI & Giorgia VECCHINI (Italy), Emanuele Sferruzza Moszkowicz (Italy), Connie CHANG (Taiwan)

Courtesy of the artists and Today Art Museum, for further information please visit www.todayartmuseum.com.

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