Installation view at Henie Onstad Sanatorium Henie Onstad Kunstsenter Høvikodden 2017 © Attilio Maranzano. 598x399 - Galleria Continua presents the first major exhibition of Carsten Höller in China

Installation view at Henie Onstad Sanatorium, Henie Onstad Kunstsenter, Høvikodden, 2017 © Attilio Maranzano.

Galleria Continua is pleased to present Method, the first major exhibition of Carsten Höller in China. To inhabit the world is to divide it. For Carsten Höller, this is not so much a political fact as a mathematical reality. Fascinated by partition principles, the artist explores how lines cut through surfaces and incessantly yield captivating new shapes Höller’s discourse on method is an eminently practical and productive one, giving rise to infinite shades of colour and a panoply of geometrical objects. His rationalist instincts even turn to the division of time reminding us that the global homogenization of time occurred only recently as a response to the unprecedented degree of planetary interconnectedness.

If Höller astutely multiplies divisions, his quest for knowledge also relies on a psychedelic epistemology: altered states of mind that can enhance our understanding of the world. Trained in Natural Sciences, the former laboratory engineer points to an elective affinity between the researcher and the sage. By using a multitude of medium with mischievously subversive wit, one of the indispensable instruments in his artistic laboratory, Carsten Höller challenges the limits of our own perception.

How do we divide the world to make sense of it?

The artist proposes in this exhibition of new and recent work a reconciliation of modern science and ancient wisdom that appears tantalizingly within reach. Höller gives us the Method.

About the exhibition

Dates: Mar 23, 2018–Jun 2, 2018

Opening: Mar 23, 2018

Venue: Galleria Continua

Courtesy of the artist and Galleria Continua, for further information please visit

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