The artistic creation has been obviously influenced by modern cinematics, frequently we find video works carrying the cinematic aethetics and methodology, in fact this influence can be found in all art forms. The mature cinematic studies can help us to understand better this media and whose utilization. Theorists pay more attention on the politicalization of cinematic aethetics, and the subjectification of the moving images. Deleuze in his popular Cinéma 2: L’Image-temps articulated that the perspective of the speculator as the Subject caused the pure Spiritual-Moving Image, meanwhile the subject is constantly reconstructed and extended.

Human eyes are a pair of sophisticated and complicated machines, the optic nerve system relies on the knowledge-influenced psychology,comprehensible possibilities given by the physical mechanism of the retina,which determines our cautious judgment of those excessive, horrible or beautiful formats (by Henri Bergson). The four artists presented in this exhibition produce works related to cinematic sensation, testify human eyes and visual sense as a physical machine can reflect some boundaries.

Installation View of "Machine Vision" 01

Installation View of “Machine Vision” 01

Installation View of "Machine Vision" 02

Installation View of “Machine Vision” 02

About the exhibition

Dates: Mar 16, 2013 – Apr 10, 2013

Opening: Mar 16, 2013, 17:00, Saturday

Venue: V Arts Centre, Shanghai

Curator: Chao Jiaxin

Artists: Chen Xi, Mu Jin, Wang Xin, Ye Funa

Organizer: V Arts Centre, Shanghai

Courtesy of the artists and V Arts Center, for further information please visit

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