Star Gallery in collaboration with Intelligentsia Gallery is pleased to present The Sublime Object, a group exhibition with works by Aoto Oouchi, Chen Xi , Troyka Union, Camille Ayme, Daniel Stubenvoll, Garcia Frankowski and more.

According to Immanuel Kant, driven by confrontational values, the Sublime makes its object an oscillating search for enjoyment and displeasure while excavating both commonplace and unknown territories. Based on this dialectic, the exhibition surveys the materialization of the sublime as object and post-object, in practices exploring uncertain domain, from the complete abstraction of reasonin a reconceptualization of concepts and narratives, to the confrontation against dogmas and codes of aesthetic values.

Curated by Garcia Frankowski, the international exhibition gathers painting, sculpture, drawings, photography and installations in order to capture the rapidly alternating repulsion from and attraction to the same objects. Storytelling, unknown languages, inexplicable sculptures, ethnographic landscapes and cartographic dreams capes are subjects of obsessive attention, fetishistic manipulation, and focus of the Sublime Object.


About the exhibition

Opening: April 7, 2014, 2:30pm

Venue: Star Gallery

Address: C5 Qikeshu Creative Park, No.55 Banjieta Road,Chaoyang District

Tel:+86 10 64189591

Courtesy of the artists and Star Gallery, for further information please visit

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