On December 23, 2016, the Exhibition of Chinese Hue Art Paintings which is held every three years  will welcome the 10th session of the event. This exhibition will continue the theme of “Hue Art in the Contemporary Era”, which was generally recognized by the public. It is intended to continue to probe into the existence of the Hue Art Paintings and the representive inner spirit in the contemporary global culture, Chinese social and cultural transformation, concerning the specific evolution and the challenges faced in the creative language and cultural heritage. By then, Hall1-9 on the ground floor of the National Art Museum of China will be divided into a number of academic topics, showcasing the diversified development path of the contemporary hue painting.

The China Federation of Literary and Art Circles acts as the supporting unit, it is jointly sponsored by the China Artists Association and the Chinese Hue Art Society, undertaken by Shandong Luxin Culture Media Investment Group Co., Ltd. Fan Di’an, President of CAFA, the renowned art critic serves as the Academic Director. The exhibition is divided into three parts: the Historical Review Exhibition, Academic Nomination Exhibition and National Award-Winning Exhibition, in order to ensure the integrity, technical, openness and fairness of the exhibition. Among this, the part of national award-winning showcases some new powers in the field of Hue Art under the novel and changing social trend since the Ninth Exhibition. Seen from the participating works, the theme is broadened and the quality has also been significantly improved, some are outstanding works of a living temperature, full of positive energy. The Academic Nomination has also received strong support from the National Art Foundation by the Ministry of Culture.

Key Words of the Exhibition: Heritage, Innovation, Peak 

It coincides with the 30th anniversary of the establishment of Chinese Hue Art Painting Society in 2017, therefore the historical review part of the exhibition does not only present the conventional exhibitions, but also through a large number of historical documents and in-kind display evidences the 30 years of Chinese Hue Painting Society. In addition to the historical heritage of the society, the Organizing Committee also selects prominent art cases in the history of Chinese painting to explore the inheritance of Chinese painting: teachers and students from CAFA will reproduce the original appearance of Yongle Palace mural painting at the exhibition site. In addition, by using virtual reality the exhibition will present the “Ten Thousand Miles of Mountains and Rivers Figure” of the Song Dynasty.

The exhibition does not only pay attention to some outstanding works with realistic temperature and keeping up with the times, but also shows the diversified explorative directions of the field of hue art painting, such as the involvement of videos and installations.

Academic Nomination: 45 Art Cases

Academic Nomination is an important part of this exhibition highlighting the art style of contemporary hue art painting. On the basis of the nomination of the 9th Chinese Hue Art Paintings Exhibition, the academic director Fan Di’an invited Liu Qinghe, Chen Xiangbo, Wu Hongliang, Hang Chunxiao and He Guiyan as nominating members in order to give consideration to the creative faces of different ages and different regions. In the end, a total of 120 exhibition invitations were sent out by the academic nomination (participating artists of the 9th Nomination Exhibition were automatically invited to enter the invitation list. The nomination committee recommended that all leaders of the Chinese Hue Art Painting Society though the artists who are over 55 years old can’t participate in the assessment.)

After nominated members had several rounds of discussion on the works and programs submitted by the artists, 50 artists are selected, and will be presented in the form of art cases. The committee believes that through this form, it can not only completely present the development of the hue art in the contemporary context, but also deepen the core of each case, to analyze the conception and formation of style of the artistic works, to provide more reference, valuable samples to the creation of hue art painting in the future.

“Hue Art” Should Not Be Bounded

In the view of Fan Di’an, compared with the previous exhibition, the academic nomination part of this session offers a more extensive realistic care, human feeling and also is more explorative.

Nomination Committee members also expressed their views on the theme of the exhibition.

Liu Qinghe: A good artist will never refuse the arrival of any good thing, nor to stipulate what he must do.

Chen Xiangbo: The purpose of Chinese art has never been in pursuit of realism, the difference between hue art painting and freehand painting is only the form, and the essence of hue art painting is freehand.

Wu Hongliang: Speaking from the curatorial point of view, we also need some artists walking on the edge so that we can more accurately understand what is the hue art painting, because many ideas will be present in the style of hue art today.

Hang Chunxiao: The important thing is not the technology and means adopted by the artist, but the way of thinking.

He Guiyan: “New” means the openness.

The Intervention of “Ink”: Hue Art is Just a Starting Point

The ink painter Liu Qinghe is one of the nominating members of this academic nomination exhibition. His participation shows some changes in the curatorial thought of the Organizing Committee of this exhibition, Liu Qinghe said: The boundaries of painting are not so tightly defined, and the scope of painting should not be defined by a technique, the concept and definition is gradually replaced by a new feeling on a wider level.

Participating artists of the Historical Review of “Hue Art in the Contemporary Era – The 10th National Exhibition of Chinese Hue Art Paintings 2016” (in alphabetical order):

Chen Mengxin, Feng Dazhong, He Jiaying, Lin Fan, Liu Jingui, Niu Kecheng, Sun Zhijun, Tang Yongli, Wang Tiansheng, Xiao Yutian, Xie Zhenou, Yu Hui, Zhang Ce

Academic nominated participating artists of “Hue Art in the Contemporary Era – The 10th National Exhibition of Chinese Hue Art Paintings 2016” (in alphabetical order):

An Jia, Bai Hua, Chen Lin, Cheng Baozhong, Dong Tingzhu, Fang Zhenghe, Gao Qian, Hang Chunhui, He Jian, He Zubin, Huang Huan, Huang Wei, Jia Baofeng, Jiang Ji’an, Jiao Yang, Jin Sha, Li Chuanzhen, Li Geye, Li Jinguo, Li Yuelin, Lin Tao, Luan Jian, Luo Xiang, Ma Lingli, Peng Jian, Qin Ai, Ren Lihan, Tan Fei, Tan Jun, Tu Shaohui, Wang Hongzhou, Wang Muyu, Wang Yu, Wei Wei, Xia Hesheng, Xu Hualing, Xu Lei, Yan Hairong, Ye Zi, Zeng Jianyong, Zhang Jian, Zhang Tianmu, Zhang Yanzi, Zheng Qingyu, Zhu Xiaokun

National award-winning artists “Hue Art in the Contemporary Era – The 10th National Exhibition of Chinese Hue Art Paintings 2016” (in alphabetical order):

Chen Jiliang, Chen Mengxi, Chen Shaohua, Ding Yixiang, Fan Kai, Gao Jinsheng, Gao Peiyu, Guan Hailong, Guo Wensong, Han Maoyuan, Hong Zhongtu, Huang Ruxiang, Huang Xia, Jiang Ping, Jiao Baohua, Li Mo, Li Jinduo, Li Tiansuo, Li Xuezhi, Li Yingting, Li Yuwang, Li Yuying, Liu Xueyun, Liu Yuqu, Chen Chen, Lv Guoliang, Min Wenjing, Shi Zhenliang, Shi Youyan, Song Guochao, Song Lixin, Sun Tao, Sun Yuting, Sun Yuanyuan, Sun Zhao, Tian Ye, Wang Shuang, Wang Tiehan, Wang Xiaoping, Wang Changliu, Wang Zhong, Wen Zhenxin, Weng Yuxian, Wu Yan, Xu Xin, Xu Zixuan, Yan Tao, Yang Jianbing, Yang Lingyuan, Yang Zhibin, Yao Xiangdong, Yu Luyao, Yuan Xiaoxuan, Zhang Chunxia, Zhang Cunmei, Zhang Liang, Zhang Zhong, Zhao Ruqin, Zhu Jianhua

Text and photo by the organizer, translated by Chen Peihua and edited by Sue/CAFA ART INFO

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