00 - “In the Pursuit of Eminence in Ink and Brush” – Au Ho-Nien’s Art Exhibition opened at the National Art Museum of China

On March 2, 2018, “In the Pursuit of Eminence in Ink and Brush” – Au Ho-Nien’s Art Exhibition opened at the National Art Museum of China. It is part of the NAMOC Donation and Collection Exhibition Series, and also part of the 2018 National Art Collection Award.

Au Ho-Nien is an artist with a high reputation in Taiwan painting circles, graduating from Lingnan Art School, Au learned from Zhao Shao’ang, a master of the second generation of the Lingnan Art School. He has inherited the tradition of the Lingnan Art School “reconciling the Chinese and western elements” in artistic creation. His subjects of artistic creation are rich in theme and varied in form, covering the themes of landscape, figures, flowers and birds, animals and calligraphy. He does not only inherit the creative tradition of “reconciling the West with the East”, he has also achieved a diversified artistic appearance, with an artistic attitude of “blending the ancient and modern”. In 1970, he was employed by the Chinese Culture University, Taipei, in Taiwan. Whereupon he further carried forward the artistic spirit of Lingnan Art School, and integrating it into the cultural environment in Taiwan, he has not only succeeded in connecting the artistic traditions across the Strait, but also offered new artistic choices to local ink-and-wash creations, has played an important role in promoting Chinese traditional culture and the spirit of art.


The exhibition presents about 130 Chinese paintings, calligraphy and other works by Au Ho-Nien, to present the artist’s unremitting pursuit over many years and artistic achievements in five parts: Chapter 1 “Inheritance of Lingnan Art School” mainly showcases his works created from the 1950s to the 1980s, revealing his early artistic features from the Lingnan Art School, and the artistic process after moving to Taiwan and developing the spirit of Lingnan Art School in Taiwan. Chapter 2 “Creating the Universe with a Brush” mainly showcases the landscape creations, particularly emphasizing sketching from all around the world. The majority of the landscapes depict magnificent mountains and water, to get the magnificent Chinese landscapes in the process of “sketching” and “drawing the heart”. Part 3 “The Creation under the Wrist” mainly showcases the creation of Au Ho-Nien’s paintings of birds & flowers as well as animals. He is a successor and pioneer of the contemporary Lingnan Art School, exploring the personal artistic appearance within Western paintings, the changes of light & shadow, and the construction of an atmosphere. Part 4 “Integrating the Ancient and Modern Style” features the figure paintings and calligraphy. Part 5 “True Words” highlights what he has thought, what he has felt, what he has seen and what he has gained during his creation and life. He has a clear understanding and deep feeling for Lingnan Art School and has a sincere emotion for the Chinese culture and traditional painting.

This exhibition also launched a related art symposium at the same time, published the portfolio of “In the Pursuit of Eminence in Ink and Brush: Chinese Masters of the 20th Century – Au Ho-Nien”. The exhibition is presented in Hall 13-17 of the National Art Museum of China and continues to March 13 (closed on Mondays).

Photo and text courtesy of the organizer, translated and edited by Chen Peihua/CAFA ART INFO

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