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Leo Gallery is pleased to present Integrative Structure, an exhibition by Chinese Contemporary artist Li Yiwen (b.1982). This exhibition will be Li’s first solo exhibition in Hong Kong.

Integrative Structure is a Chinese calligraphy term which means the structure, brush strokes arrangement and position of Chinese characters; and the rules of variation on the ink fluidity and density. This term reminds Li of the elements of painting ranging from form, space, colour, line to texture, and the mutual symbiosis between these elements. He believes audience’s perception is stimulated by these elements since they trigger a series of unquantifiable emotional reactions such as gratitude, sorrow, joyous, depression, awe and more. Perception is an experience full of wonder, and Li mentions, “art touched us deeply in perceptions which cannot be interpreted by languages.”

In his work, Li has no intention to get to the bottom of any Chinese theory discussion. He focuses on the functions of perception rather than the logic of conceptual art and painting, attempting to integrate the concepts into the paintings.

This exhibition showcases Li’s recent paintings which contain no narrative elements and visitors are encouraged to experience through their perception so as to provoke a new reading of the exhibition narrative in their own way.

About the artist

Li Yiwen was born in Luoyang, Henan Province in 1982, and graduated from the Department of Mural Painting, the Central Academy of Fine Arts (CAFA), with a bachelor’s degree in 2006, and with a master’s degree in 2011. Currently he works and lives in Beijing, China.

Li has participated in group exhibitions since 2006; in 2011 he participated in the show Fresh Eyes 2011 — Framework Growing Inside Out, at He Xiangning Art Museum in Shenzhen, China; in 2013 he participated in Encounters — Art Sanya/International Contemporary Art Exhibition 2013 in Sanya, China and in 2015, he participated The 2nd CAFAM Future Exhibition: Observer-Creator/The Reality Representation of Chinese Young Art at CAFA Art Museum in Beijing, China.

In 2013, he had his solo exhibition entitled Twinkling at Times Art Museum in Beijing, China. Also, his solo exhibition LI YIWEN was showcased at Yang Gallery in Beijing, China in 2014 and FEIZI Gallery in Brussel, Belgium in 2015.

About the exhibition

Date2016.5.13 2016.6.16

Venue: Leo Gallery, Hong Kong

Address: SOHO 189 Art Lane, 189 Queen’s Road West, Hong Kong
Tel: +852 2803 2333

Courtesy of the artist and Leo Gallery, for further information please contact hongkong@leogallery.com.cn or visit www.leogallery.com.cn.

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