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“A Contemporary Art Across the Strait 2013” is going to be presented at the National Art Museum of China from August 26 through to September 24. It not only speaks to contemporary audience and aims to display the latest works of contemporary artists from the mainland and Taiwan, but also shows the similarity and difference in the creation of art across the Taiwan Straits within the context of globalization and urbanization. The exhibition includes 36 artists, among which 18 artists come from the mainland and 18 from Taiwan.

With “Interactive -version” as title, the exhibition discusses ways of seeing of contemporary art across the straits, in order to present the action that contemporary art takes as confronted with reality, cultural tradition, and global context weaving together.

work by xu-zhongmin-picture

The exhibition emphasizes on the ongoing conversation between artists from the mainland and Taiwan. When choosing works, the curator focuses on different responses or answers that artists across the straits give, when they see similar subject matter, medium, and theme. Thus, within this system, the exhibition shows the interaction between creations of art across the straits and sets the conversation in a comparable structure. Besides collaboration and conversation on curating and organizing this exhibition, both museums actively organize seminars on the topic and activities for public education, which opens up a new dimension of communication for the public audience.

Work by Zhe Zhiyi-picture

About the exhibition

Dates: 2013-08-26 To 2013-09-24

Venues: Hall 13、14、15、16、17、19、20、21 at the National Art Museum of China

Courtesy of the National Art Museum of China, for further information please visit

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