Poster of Tempera

Je Fine Arts Gallery presents a group exhibition entitled “TEMPERA”, which will remain on view till February 28, 2016.  The artworks on display are the imitation works made by students of the Department of Public Art at University of Shanghai for Science and Technology, which pay homage to the great masters of the 15th Century including Botticelli, Pierro, etc.

As a centuries old painting technique, the popularity of tempera can be traced back to Ancient Greek Times. Tempera reached its heyday around the turn of the Middle Ages and the Early Renaissance, during which it was mainly applied to church frescos and saint pictures. It is worth noting that China was also going through the peak of its art history around the same time.

Tempera paint is a mixture mainly composed of egg yolk, water and mineral pigments. Owing to the high stability and glutinous feature of egg yolk, as well as the repeating coloring process involved in the painting steps, tempera paintings are able to preserve their original color and lustre even after a long time.

The YCAG (Young Chinese Artists Groups) at Je Fine Arts Studio are discovering contemporary young artists who have a cross-cultural perspective or an international academic background. Every expressive form of art is welcomed, including oil painting, watercolor, sculpture, photography, video, new media, craft design, etc.

Their objective is as following: merge “west” and “east” to build up a professional international art platform, in which “west” stands for inviting outstanding, interesting and uprising foreign artists to China to join art exhibitions while “east” means introducing outstanding, interesting and uprising local artists to the international art world.

About the exhibition

Duration: January 1 – February 28, 2016

Venue: Je Fine Art Gallery

Courtesy of the artists and Je Fine Art Gallery, for further information please visit

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